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Class C rated clear wood finishDave Metzger12-18-14  10:21 am
lowest cost welded seam vinyl floorRobert E. Woodburn, 12-12-14  12:37 pm
Wood Window SillsJ. Peter Jordan11-18-14  03:52 pm
Concrete Balcony Slabs won't crackMark Gilligan SE, 11-14-14  07:32 pm
Has anyone ever specified Polished Concrete for ExteriorLynn Javoroski FCSI 11-13-14  02:47 pm
non-skinning acoustical sealantWayne Yancey11-12-14  06:20 pm
Very Tall Wire Mesh PartitionJohn Bunzick, CCS, C11-12-14  05:19 pm
Polished Concrete ResidueJohn,Oregon 11-11-14  04:09 am
"G-40 equivalent" / "G40e"James Sandoz, AIA, C53 11-10-14  08:41 am
Linseed Oil v SealerSteve Taylor 11-09-14  07:06 pm
Bituminous Paint and LEEDJustatim11-03-14  10:00 am
ACI Formed Concrete FInishesScott Piper10 10-30-14  05:41 pm
alternatives to borate treatmentCurt Norton, CSI, CC10-30-14  08:38 am
Access control for lockersCurt Norton, CSI, CC10-24-14  09:16 am
Terrazzo Flooring and Moisture Vapor Transmissionken hercenberg10-17-14  04:56 pm
Annealed Glass vs. Tempered Glass -- both safety glass?Robin E. Snyder15 10-14-14  11:18 am
What makes a product non-combustible?Jerome J. Lazar, RA,10-12-14  03:08 pm
Waterstop for Elevator Pit in Dry SoilChris Grimm, CSI, CC10-09-14  12:40 pm
PVC Roof ManufacturersPhil Kabza10-08-14  10:29 pm
Polychrone FinishLynn Javoroski FCSI 22 10-02-14  11:49 am
Smell from polyiso roof insulationScott Piper09-29-14  12:24 pm
XPS vs. Polyiso in cavity and rain screen wallsBrian E. Trimble, CD36 09-26-14  12:10 pm
Hi impact wallboardJohn Regener, AIA, C09-25-14  11:08 pm
Exterior product similar to Cover Coat by USGken hercenberg09-23-14  05:29 pm
Clear coat steelAnne Whitacre, FCSI 12 09-22-14  03:03 pm
BURGLAR BARSScott Piper09-22-14  12:32 pm
Black Mineral Fiber ACP for HS TV StudioPhil Kabza09-20-14  04:58 pm
Custom Printed Cubicle Curtains?Di Ann Reid, CSI, CC09-15-14  05:29 pm
liquid crystal glassRichard Howard, AIA 09-15-14  01:20 pm
Swiss Pearl PanelsDavid G. Axt, CCS, C10 09-08-14  08:06 pm
Using Rubber Wall Base for Resinous Floor InstallationWayne Yancey09-08-14  04:05 pm
Retrofit Sound Transmission John Bunzick, CCS, C09-08-14  10:27 am
UV-stabilized plastic in interiorTony Wolf, AIA, CCS,09-04-14  03:42 pm
Exterior product behind wood slatsBrian Payne, AIA09-01-14  10:20 pm
Embedded DownspoutsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C08-30-14  02:44 pm
synthetic wall baseDave Metzger08-28-14  06:44 pm
Smoke and Draft Control - UL 1784George A. Everding, 12 08-26-14  02:00 pm
art classroom spray boothsRobert E. Woodburn, 08-25-14  12:30 pm
Kynar on the exterior, Acrylic on the interior?Jerome J. Lazar, RA,08-20-14  09:59 pm
Exterior Venetian PlasterWayne Yancey08-18-14  02:26 pm
BIRD CONTROL DEVICESspiper 08-18-14  09:24 am
"ART MESH"Richard Gonser AIA C12 08-12-14  12:06 pm
Plastic (PVC) trim with gypsum boardDavid J. Wyatt, CDT08-12-14  09:49 am
Folding Glass exterior door / wall in FloridaLynn Javoroski FCSI 08-07-14  11:07 am
Fiber Cement Siding OptionsLisa Goodwin Robbins08-07-14  09:21 am
Any experience with Abell Lift Systems?Ellis C. Whitby, PE,08-06-14  11:48 am
Colortex "Polyshield" abuse-resistant wall coating systemspiper 08-04-14  05:03 pm
Thermo WoodRobert E. Woodburn, 07-30-14  03:11 pm
Single Ply Membrane Expansion Joint vs Manufacturedspiper 07-29-14  10:03 am
NeoporLynn Javoroski FCSI 07-24-14  12:13 pm
Low E glass causing cell phone/radio signal problemsBrett Scarfino 07-23-14  05:32 pm
High Roof Deck Coatingken hercenberg13 07-16-14  01:30 pm
Basalt Rebar in concrete structuresRonald L. Geren, FCS07-15-14  11:56 am
New question: What causes Excessive Moisture in CMU WallsJerome J. Lazar, RA,14 07-12-14  02:06 pm
Weeps for stucco over CMUJerome J. Lazar, RA,14 07-10-14  05:37 pm
Stained Glass in an overhead applicationRobert E. Woodburn, 22 07-10-14  05:03 pm
Sealant for frameless glass units w/in Rammed Earth Wall - ?ken hercenberg07-06-14  03:31 pm
Trash Chute Intake DoorsJerome J. Lazar, RA,06-24-14  04:33 am
Interior butt glass wallJ. Peter Jordan15 06-19-14  06:25 pm
Exterior accessible liftsRichard L Matteo, AI06-19-14  12:00 pm
STAIR EVACUATION DEVICELisa Goodwin Robbins06-13-14  09:06 am
Stone Soffit System Helpanon 20 06-11-14  05:59 pm
absolute BEST negative side vapor barrier?Robert E. Woodburn, 06-09-14  11:05 am
manufacturer caseworkJohn Bunzick, CCS, C06-05-14  02:01 pm
Magnesium oxide cement sheathingJ. Peter Jordan06-03-14  11:40 am
KOHLER is Introducing Touchless Toilet TechnologyJohn McGrann05-27-14  03:33 pm
Submersible waterproofing system for exterior reflecting poolBrian Payne, AIA05-27-14  11:47 am
Gypsum Association proprietary systemsAlan Mays, AIA14 05-23-14  01:07 pm
Fire Rated Sealant ColorRonald L. Geren, FCS35 05-22-14  10:36 pm
Is there such an animal as "Fire Rated Gypsum Board"?Ronald L. Geren, FCS05-22-14  06:45 pm
Tubelite StorefrontsRobin E. Snyder05-19-14  01:06 am
09 9620 - Graffiti-Resistant CoatingsTom Gilmore, AIA, CC14 04-30-14  11:55 pm
REALLY TASTEFUL WASTE BASKETLynn Javoroski FCSI 26 04-29-14  09:58 am
Question about Nabco EntrancesTom Daniels 04-27-14  09:36 pm
Powder Coat over Stainless SteelLynn Javoroski FCSI 17 04-25-14  05:27 pm
oversized glass in a rated wood doorLynn Javoroski FCSI 04-23-14  09:43 am
Powder Coating vs. Fluoropolymer Finish ComparisonBrett Scarfino 13 04-22-14  06:18 pm
Duro-Last roofingRobert Solomon 53 04-18-14  04:48 pm
Drainage mat between rigid insulation, scratch coat, stone veneerTrevor04-17-14  06:34 pm
Section 10 73 43 Transportation Stop SheltersWayne Yancey04-17-14  10:38 am
Fiberglass doors with 10 inch smooth bottom areaJohn McGrann04-15-14  08:04 am
Dumpster GatesJ. Peter Jordan04-12-14  08:23 am
Protective Coating for Gym FloorJohn Bunzick, CCS, C04-11-14  02:20 pm
Thermal Barrier/Insulation requirement?Dave Metzger13 04-08-14  11:21 am
spray foam repChris Grimm, CSI, CC04-07-14  08:23 pm
brick manufacturersLynn Javoroski FCSI 04-01-14  01:50 pm
5-ply hot pressed wood doorsSheldon Wolfe11 03-30-14  04:55 pm
Coat HooksSheldon Wolfe03-25-14  02:59 pm
Alucoil North America LLCLynn Javoroski FCSI 03-25-14  12:08 pm
Anodized coating and PVDF CoatingJames Sandoz, AIA, C14 03-21-14  10:04 am
Is there an EIFS system that has a “non flammable” ratingLouis Medcalf, FCSI,13 03-18-14  04:10 pm
HM Frames that "look like aluminum"George A. Everding, 03-06-14  02:06 pm
CPVC vs Black Steel for Fire Sprinkler PipingJerome J. Lazar, RA,03-06-14  12:57 pm
Swepco RoofingJ. Peter Jordan03-04-14  10:05 am
Vulkem 350/351 Traffic CoatingJerome J. Lazar, RA,03-03-14  10:03 am
Faced vs Unfaced Fiberglass InsulationJerome J. Lazar, RA,02-27-14  12:12 am
Gypsum Board - horizontal or vertical installationLynn Javoroski FCSI 02-26-14  04:24 pm
Wall finish for dorm rooms?George A. Everding, 02-16-14  12:15 pm
Carpet Tile to 1/8" resilient flooring transition.Brian Payne, AIA02-14-14  10:40 am
Envirostixspiper 02-05-14  10:30 am
Porcelain Tile on Exterior TCNA Methodken hercenberg02-03-14  10:58 pm
cleavage membrane v. slip sheet v. crack suppression membraneWilliam C. Pegues, F01-26-14  09:27 pm
Mirrored Silver Window FilmJohn Bunzick, CCS, C01-25-14  01:32 pm
Polished Concrete -Retro PlateScott McIntosh-Mize01-24-14  05:46 pm
Smooth StuccoJ. Peter Jordan01-24-14  12:24 pm
Sound Batts - Division 07 or 09?David J. Wyatt, CDT01-23-14  12:35 pm
Cretesealanon 10 01-17-14  07:12 pm
Timbersil treated wood?CHalunen 01-17-14  01:08 pm
Surprise! "Sustainable" Product Not Performing as Advertisedken hercenberg01-13-14  10:53 am
STUCCO CONTROL JOINTS ON SOLID SURFACESMark Gilligan SE, 17 01-08-14  11:49 pm
Frameless glass transaction windows?John McGrann12-23-13  08:24 am
Porcelain panelsGerard Sanchis12-22-13  12:07 am
Glass for skylightsChris Grimm, CSI, CC13 12-19-13  08:01 am
Low-emissivity GlassJ. Peter Jordan12-14-13  08:39 am
Allegion PLCGeorge A. Everding, 12-09-13  07:57 pm
sliding, swinging wood doorRuss Hinkle, AIA, CD12-06-13  07:42 am
TruStyle Wood DoorsRandall A Chapple, C12-02-13  04:41 pm
Dry Erase PaintNathan Woods, CSI, C11-25-13  02:42 pm
Fencing Question??George A. Everding, 10 11-16-13  12:35 pm
White Anodized AluminumJ. Peter Jordan42 11-13-13  11:40 am
Custom Gas Fire PitJames M. Sandoz, AIA11-11-13  04:45 pm
Bamboo veneerSteve Taylor14 11-07-13  07:23 pm
Laurenco Waterproofinganon 11-07-13  03:53 pm
Schluter-KERDI-BoardJ. Peter Jordan11 11-06-13  11:03 am
BaswaphonSteven Bruneel, AIA,11-04-13  12:51 pm
High Rise Deck CoatingJerome J. Lazar, RA,10-31-13  08:53 pm
SHIP'S LADDERspiper 15 10-09-13  12:50 pm
SwisspearlLynn Javoroski FCSI 11 10-08-13  05:43 pm
Sealantken hercenberg10-08-13  07:22 am
WHEN THE SUBSTRATE REJECTS THE COATINGken hercenberg14 10-07-13  10:00 am
3 knuckle versus 5 knuckle butt hingesRichard L Matteo, AI10-04-13  05:53 pm
DUROPLEXken hercenberg09-30-13  05:05 pm
Ice and water shield for the BahamasWayne Yancey15 09-20-13  06:06 pm
ADA 404.2.10 vs. frameless glass doorsWilliam C. Pegues, F09-08-13  10:17 pm
Comparable?Phil Kabza09-06-13  11:05 pm
EIFS ? Ralph Liebing, RA, C09-06-13  10:53 am
Difference btwn Cat I and Cat II Safety GlazingJerome J. Lazar, RA,09-03-13  08:00 pm
Specifying Horton AutomaticsJ.D. Matthews 09-03-13  07:21 pm
Epicore Infinity Structures systemken hercenberg08-30-13  03:38 pm
EvaloyJeffrey Wilson CSI C08-22-13  09:05 am
Communications MonopoleLynn Javoroski FCSI 08-13-13  05:46 pm
RRDRalph Liebing, RA, C08-05-13  10:47 am
Record or Besam as substitutes for StanleyTom Daniels 20 07-15-13  06:32 pm
MR BoardRonald L. Geren, AIA07-11-13  09:41 am
Automatic operators for sliding wood doorsT.J. Nicholas 07-07-13  06:50 pm
Clearance Standard?Richard Gonser AIA C12 07-05-13  02:45 pm
vapor permeance studyspiper 15 07-03-13  03:56 pm
Vinyl Siding over 1" exterior insulationcarla 06-17-13  09:21 am
APA Standards vs. NIST PS standardsScott Mize15 06-16-13  07:58 pm
Wood-Veneer Wall Covering Elias Saltz, CSI, CC06-05-13  05:08 pm
Tilt Up/Canopy/California Style garage doorsanon 06-03-13  12:21 pm
HM Doors w/ Plastic Laminate FaceRichard Gonser AIA C05-23-13  02:05 pm
RTM Framesken hercenberg05-20-13  10:31 am
RTV Silicone Rubberken hercenberg05-10-13  11:18 am
Semco flooringDavid Axt, AIA, CCS,05-09-13  11:37 am
SliptechJ. Peter Jordan05-09-13  10:10 am
Need Hardware Ideas for 11'0 High Gothic DoorsJeffrey Leemhuis, AI05-09-13  10:02 am
perpendicular double-layer gyp board applicationken hercenberg05-08-13  12:33 pm
Revolving Entrance DoorsRandall A Chapple, C05-06-13  12:25 pm
What is replacing ASTM D2178?Richard L Matteo, AI05-02-13  08:04 pm
SIL-ACT ATS-42 by Advanced Chemical Technologies?ken hercenberg13 05-02-13  01:45 pm
Dectectable / Tactile Warning Surfacingken hercenberg04-29-13  12:07 pm
Electrical Floor BoxesJerome J. Lazar, RA,04-27-13  02:45 am
Calcium Silicate Plastersken hercenberg04-23-13  04:33 pm
Thermally Broken Hollow Metal Door FramesWayne Yancey04-19-13  01:15 pm
High Performance Concrete AdmixtureSteven Bruneel, AIA,44 04-11-13  02:32 pm
TPO and Asphalt materials?Anne Whitacre, FCSI 04-08-13  01:34 pm
Joist hangers & corrosionSheldon Wolfe03-27-13  04:25 pm
Aniline dyes for wood veneersken hercenberg03-26-13  01:55 pm
any updates on wood veneer Prodema/Parklex type panels?Anne Whitacre, FCSI 03-25-13  01:37 pm
FM - ROOFNAV specken hercenberg11 03-22-13  04:13 pm
Polyurethane spray foam insulation in exterior cavity in brick vene...John Bunzick, CCS, C03-21-13  02:55 pm
Aluminum plate wall panelsJerome J. Lazar, RA,03-18-13  04:31 pm
Rusting Joint ReinforcingLouis Medcalf, FCSI,20 03-18-13  03:04 pm
methyl-methacrylate resin waterproofingken hercenberg03-15-13  10:35 pm
Multiple Gypsum Board manufacturers on same projectJerome J. Lazar, RA,12 03-15-13  09:01 pm
EPS Bermuda roofSteven Bruneel, AIA,16 03-14-13  03:59 pm
Fold-Edge construction doors in lieu of seamless edge constructionSteven Bruneel, AIA,03-12-13  06:36 pm
JFB Hart CoatingsJerome J. Lazar, RA,03-12-13  04:49 pm
Nailable plastic furringEd Storer03-12-13  12:16 pm
What are the 'coolest' new products you've seen lately?ken hercenberg17 03-03-13  10:16 pm
FiberTiteken hercenberg13 03-03-13  10:14 pm
theater lightingJohn Bunzick, CCS, C17 03-02-13  02:09 pm
interior vapor barrier & finish paint for tilt-upken hercenberg02-27-13  09:26 am
EPDM vs PMMADale Hurttgam, NCARB02-26-13  03:57 pm
Tinted Sealer?ken hercenberg02-26-13  01:44 pm
Not an expert on Metal Primers, any help appreciated.Mark Gilligan SE, 22 01-30-13  01:36 am
Vaccum Insulation PanelsRandall A Chapple, C01-28-13  12:39 pm
2012 IBC 1403.5 combustible air barriersken hercenberg21 01-25-13  12:02 pm
Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials (SFRM)Ronald L. Geren, AIA10 01-18-13  05:22 pm
Metal Resources metal studsMark Gilligan SE, 01-16-13  12:16 pm
LOOK AND FEEL OF WEATHERED STEEL - NOT CORTENWayne Yancey24 01-11-13  05:37 pm
Reflective glass in aluminum-framed entrance doors?spiper 01-11-13  09:29 am
Zamac (Zamak) Toilet Partition HardwareRichard L Matteo, AI01-03-13  11:18 am
Architectural Terra-Cotta Rainscreen and Baguette systemsAnne Whitacre, FCSI 12-13-12  01:26 am
AridusAnne Whitacre, FCSI 16 12-12-12  05:09 pm
Vision Lite with Sliding Glass PanelSheldon Wolfe12-09-12  09:30 am
Comparing Galvanizing Standards - need helpken hercenberg20 12-07-12  02:40 pm
Waterproofing for Concrete Water TankRandall A Chapple, C12-06-12  12:28 pm
Stainless Steel Door Framesken hercenberg12-04-12  12:44 pm
Galvanizing Structural Steel in Placeken hercenberg11-29-12  12:03 pm
Grid support systems for stone panelsscott piper 11-28-12  02:35 pm
Exterior Wall Tileken hercenberg11-12-12  06:00 pm
Snow Melt on New England RoofsLinda May 11 11-08-12  05:18 pm
Fly Ash in Concrete Mixesken hercenberg11-05-12  05:27 pm
Paint Quality Assuranceken hercenberg11-05-12  01:50 pm
AMERICAN GYPSUMJerome J. Lazar, RA,11-02-12  05:51 pm
Carlisle Deck Coatings is no more!Jerome J. Lazar, RA,10-28-12  06:56 pm
Domestic or Foreign Steel Reinforcement for ConcreteMark Gilligan SE, 10-27-12  01:31 pm
Water-White Methacrylate Lacquerken hercenberg14 10-19-12  09:49 am
Masonry Stain and Antigrafitti Coatingken hercenberg10-16-12  07:07 pm
Hunter Insulationscott piper 10-16-12  05:49 pm
1" Insulating Glass in Entrance DoorsJ. Peter Jordan17 10-10-12  10:39 am
Foam insulation fill for structural door jambs and hollow metal framesJohn Bunzick, CCS, C11 10-09-12  03:50 pm
Ignition BarrierColin Gilboy10-05-12  10:43 am
Composite or Vinyl Railing SystemsLynn Javoroski FCSI 10-03-12  05:21 pm
Cabinet hardwareJ. Peter Jordan11 10-02-12  05:42 pm
Paint LRV Test MethodsLisa Goodwin Robbins09-19-12  10:28 am
UK-1000 FROM LIQUID CONCRETEWayne Yancey09-18-12  11:54 am
Fastening Through Continuous InsulationWayne Yancey09-18-12  11:01 am
5V CRIMP SHEET METAL ROOFINGJerome J. Lazar, RA,09-14-12  06:01 pm
PMMA roofingken hercenberg09-12-12  02:52 pm
Insulated Metal Panelsscott piper 09-11-12  09:48 am
Insulated Gypsum Sheathing Panels for exterior walls?Scott Piper 23 08-31-12  06:16 pm
Gypcrete SubstitutionChris Grimm, CSI, CC08-29-12  09:36 am
Curtain wall fastenersJohn Bunzick, CCS, C13 08-23-12  06:18 pm
Inert Wood FinishesSteve Taylor08-21-12  12:53 pm
Anti-graffiti Coatings for Exterior Graniteken hercenberg08-16-12  04:07 pm
Door in curved wall?bswso 08-16-12  12:52 am
AcrylallJerome J. Lazar, RA,08-14-12  02:14 pm
Door Pull Mounting Richard L Matteo, AI08-09-12  02:39 pm
AssociationsKaren L. Zaterman, C08-09-12  01:42 pm
Heavy Duty Window ScreensSheldon Wolfe08-03-12  01:57 am
3M Di-NOC filmEllis C. Whitby, PE,08-01-12  01:31 pm
Painting interior fabric (burlap)Lynn Javoroski FCSI 13 08-01-12  10:37 am
What is MCF?Wayne Yancey12 07-31-12  10:44 am
Internally curing concreteBenjamin Byard, Ph.D17 07-30-12  11:40 am
Woncote versus Cover CoatJerome J. Lazar, RA,07-28-12  02:31 pm
UV fResistant Stone SealerRichard L Matteo, AI07-27-12  11:08 am
KEE Roofinganon 07-26-12  05:48 pm
Core-FillBob Sullivan 07-24-12  11:46 am
A&D Prevost StorefrontJohn Bunzick, CCS, C07-18-12  10:29 am
TotalDoorguest 11 07-17-12  10:47 am
epoxy traffic coating over suspended slabken hercenberg07-05-12  02:56 pm
CertainTeed DiamondbackRuss Hinkle, AIA, CD07-03-12  09:10 am
How to specify tamper proof fire extinguisher cabinets?Ronald L. Geren, AIA12 07-02-12  02:23 pm
slate window stools installationJohn Bunzick, CCS, C06-24-12  06:22 pm
Operable Glass Wall-fire ratedRon Leiseca, CSI, CC15 06-24-12  03:39 pm
Lead in plasterPaul Gerber06-20-12  01:10 am
Low-E InsulationDon Harris CSI, CCS,06-19-12  05:01 pm
precast sillJohn Bunzick, CCS, C06-18-12  11:58 am
Adhered roofing over existing Hypalon?ken hercenberg12 06-15-12  12:56 pm
SoundTechPaul Gerber06-13-12  05:37 pm
Urethane injection?John Bunzick, CCS, C06-11-12  11:22 am
Cementitious WaterproofingJeffrey Wilson CSI C06-10-12  08:58 am
waterproofing for wood countertopDon Harris CSI, CCS,06-08-12  11:13 am
"Cold Board" insulation - ?J. Peter Jordan, FCS06-07-12  01:31 pm
curtain/darkening shadesken hercenberg06-06-12  04:54 pm
Nickelite?David Axt, AIA, CCS,06-05-12  02:42 pm
Acoustical-Rated Glazed Aluminum Doorsscott piper 10 06-05-12  02:13 pm
engineered quartz stone as flooringPhil Kabza05-30-12  10:27 pm
NanaWallPhil Kabza12 05-26-12  09:31 am
RhinoBond System for PVC membrane attachment?Liz O'Sullivan05-25-12  06:27 pm
MDF TOILET PARTITIONSSteve Taylor05-25-12  05:23 pm
Powder coating specJohn Bunzick, CCS, C05-24-12  04:25 pm
perforated vinyl-faced blanket insulationRobert E. Woodburn05-09-12  10:52 am
Telling Industriesken hercenberg05-09-12  09:54 am
two products; two different tests; how to evaluate?Ellis C. Whitby, PE,15 05-08-12  10:54 am
Equal to ThermaxAlan Mays, AIA05-07-12  07:14 pm
EPDM ColorsRichard L Matteo, AI05-07-12  02:22 pm
Which One?Ralph Liebing, RA, C05-04-12  09:47 am
ACM - Intrabond or AlucoilRandall A Chapple, A05-03-12  05:41 pm
Delta Fassade-Sken hercenberg05-02-12  04:20 pm
Material Quiz for the DayTomBoissy 29 04-30-12  04:08 pm
Hiring in Southern CaliforniaDale Roberts CSI, CC04-27-12  06:07 pm
White on black EPDM roofingJohn Bunzick, CCS, C13 04-27-12  04:12 pm
Structural Insulated roofing panels in south Florida climateDon Harris CSI, CCS,04-27-12  11:37 am
Stud track isolation stripsDon Harris CSI, CCS,04-20-12  02:30 pm
exterior sprayed fireproofingRichard L Matteo, AI04-18-12  12:33 pm
Cultured or Cast Stone TileJohn Bunzick, CCS, C11 04-17-12  11:06 am
Oak HardwarePhil Kabza10 04-11-12  10:32 pm
eisenwallRonald L. Geren, AIA04-09-12  10:58 am
Custom wood storefrontken hercenberg04-05-12  09:28 am
rated (90 minute) framePaul Gerber15 04-04-12  05:34 pm
Fence Gate egressPaul Gerber04-04-12  05:04 pm
Powder vs Liquid Fluoropolymer over AluminumWilliam C. Pegues, F03-22-12  11:50 am
Real Slate Chalk Boardsken hercenberg20 03-21-12  04:11 pm
material comparable to Terne IILynn Javoroski FCSI 03-16-12  03:16 pm
Curtain Wall Manufacturersken hercenberg10 03-15-12  06:50 pm
Thermal Zinc Coatingken hercenberg10 03-12-12  04:12 pm
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What is purpose of crack isolation membrane...John Bunzick, CCS, C20 03-08-12  04:22 pm
Green Heart from salvaged 200 year old pilingJohn Bunzick, CCS, C11 03-08-12  04:13 pm
Happy Leap Day - any BASF reps out there?Sheldon Wolfe03-02-12  10:15 am
Pneumatic or Hydraulic BollardsJerome J. Lazar, RA,02-29-12  12:54 pm
Hollow Metal Doors and Frames - Standard or Custom?ken hercenberg02-23-12  06:23 pm
HM door frames - grout solidRonald L. Geren, AIA02-14-12  06:12 pm
Aluminum curtain wall manufacturersLynn Javoroski FCSI 02-14-12  10:20 am
Concrete floor prep for sheet flooring - Concure Admixture - Mark Gilligan SE, 02-10-12  03:45 pm
GC prosing to use Doormeric Millenium DoorsJerome J. Lazar, RA,02-09-12  06:41 pm
Relita Overhead DoorsAnne Whitacre, FCSI 02-07-12  02:16 pm
Hey RalphRalph Liebing, RA, C02-06-12  09:01 am
Interesting productsSheldon Wolfe02-05-12  12:33 pm
Love this Sales Pitch Video - Congrats TrespaLynn Javoroski FCSI 15 02-03-12  02:52 pm
spray applied insulationken hercenberg01-31-12  08:52 pm
ParticleboardSteve Taylor12 01-27-12  08:34 pm
GETTING UL APPROVAL - ANY EXPERTS OUT THERE?Mark Gilligan SE, 01-26-12  04:49 pm
SUCROSE-BASED SPF INSULATIONJohn Bunzick, CCS, C10 01-09-12  12:09 pm
Polyether SealantsJ. Peter Jordan 01-08-12  10:10 am
Non Type X 5/8 inch gyp boardSteven Bruneel, AIA,17 01-05-12  02:59 pm
MAKING EPE DECKING SLIP-RESISTANTken hercenberg10 12-23-11  11:46 am
MRI Steel FramingMark Gilligan SE, 12-21-11  01:07 pm
Flame Stop IIRalph Liebing, RA, C12-13-11  01:49 pm
The Garland CompanyPhil Kabza13 12-08-11  02:20 pm
rigid insulation types - pros and cons Robin E. Snyder16 12-08-11  12:32 pm
Entrance MatsRichard L Matteo, AI12-07-11  04:25 pm
Fire Rated Insulated Concrete 2nd floor?George A. Everding, 12-06-11  09:12 pm
Barn Door HardwareGeorge A. Everding, 12-01-11  10:40 am
Luminous egress path markingsLisa Goodwin Robbins11-29-11  09:53 am
Suggestions for CountertopRalph Liebing, RA, C11-10-11  02:51 pm
Michigan Roofing TypesRuss Hinkle, AIA, CD11-09-11  02:59 pm
Composite Structural WallsAnne Whitacre, FCSI 12 11-09-11  12:22 pm
When does "flashing" become a "roof"Dale Hurttgam, NCARB11-02-11  05:13 pm
Clear coating for steel counter topken hercenberg11-01-11  05:54 pm
FRPken hercenberg11-01-11  05:42 pm
Water Repellency for CMUken hercenberg11-01-11  05:36 pm
WATERPROOFING CONCRETE WATER STORAGE TANKSken hercenberg17 11-01-11  05:20 pm
Clear coating for Concreteken hercenberg13 11-01-11  05:00 pm
stain removal on cast stoneJ. Peter Jordan 11-01-11  10:12 am
LP techshield radiant barriercpren 10-30-11  09:21 pm
Joint sealant resistant to chlorineLynn Javoroski FCSI 10-11-11  09:22 am
fire rated roof hatchesRonald L. Geren, AIA10-10-11  06:24 pm
Amweld Hollow Metalandy 10-06-11  08:51 am
Bromine vs. chlorine for materials in a swiming poolJames M. Sandoz, AIA10-05-11  09:51 am
Clear coating for glulamJim Sliff09-29-11  01:15 am
Wall and Roof SheathingLisa Goodwin Robbins09-23-11  02:34 pm
Products from the same mfg. for tile setting. Gerard Sanchis09-21-11  04:39 pm
Foil faced insulationRandall A Chapple, A09-20-11  02:02 pm
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