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Digicon CMS replacementPhil Kabza11-15-23  09:27 am
Delegated Design for exterior HM doorsEd Storer12 10-21-23  08:31 pm
Build America, Buy America Act (BABA)Robin E. Snyder10-20-23  02:32 pm
Merger of SSPC and NACE to form AMPPJames Sandoz, AIA, C10-16-23  11:10 am
Specifications FutureDavid Stutzman10-13-23  03:36 pm
Tile installation failureBrian E. Trimble, CD10-11-23  02:40 pm
Leather-wrapped handrailJames Sandoz, AIA, C10-09-23  11:40 am
Roofing/waterproofing and/or structural sections?Mark Gilligan SE, 11 09-23-23  09:06 pm
RIB Speclink for MEPRich Gonser09-22-23  03:39 pm
Crediting Product Repsawhitacre 09-21-23  02:12 pm
Standard for Wood Door FramesRonald L. Geren, FCS09-20-23  05:35 pm
Elevator RefurbishmentSteven Bruneel, Reti09-19-23  05:10 pm
Need an Objective Standard for Broom Finish on Exterior ConcreteAnne Whitacre 09-06-23  02:17 pm
Comprehensive List of Spec Software SolutionsAnne Whitacre 77 09-06-23  02:02 pm
Thermal girts, where to specify?Anne Whitacre 09-06-23  01:59 pm
Mass TimberAnne Whitacre, FCSI 08-24-23  01:55 pm
Refinishing Architectural Woodwork, Paneling, and DoorsLoretta Sheridan08-17-23  04:08 pm
"Sack and Patch"Anne Whitacre, FCSI 08-03-23  02:27 pm
Staining of existing mortar??John Bunzick07-27-23  03:25 pm
Floor Tile and Waterproof TestingJohn Bunzick07-25-23  04:57 pm
Would you use specs that have AI generated content?ken hercenberg21 07-24-23  04:31 pm
File naming conventionsAnne Whitacre, FCSI 12 07-18-23  07:21 pm
Warranties - Okay I give up. You win.Phil Kabza12 06-28-23  04:21 pm
Refractory C-I-P and Refractory Masonry Sectionsken hercenberg06-26-23  05:04 pm
"Yellow Chain"Steven Bruneel, Reti06-23-23  03:55 pm
Anybody using SpecPoint?Edward J Dueppen, RA47 05-12-23  02:08 pm
Extended Correction PeriodPhil Kabza05-02-23  12:56 pm
Reference Standards Access ProvidersNathan Woods, RA, CS04-24-23  07:44 pm
Wood Doors with Single Large Glass LiteRonald J. Ray, RA, C04-24-23  11:53 am
Use of "shall" and "will" in specificationsJohn Bunzick10 04-22-23  02:00 pm
Numbers and pairs and spaces oh myRH 04-01-23  06:02 pm
SCIF SpecificationsRon Beard04-01-23  09:37 am
Gas mitigation system?Phil Kabza03-28-23  12:48 pm
Electronic Roof Leak Detection System?Grant Otto 03-13-23  03:47 pm
A Different Classification Systemken hercenberg13 02-24-23  06:43 pm
Curtainwall and Storefront: FlashingPhil Kabza10 01-25-23  09:10 am
NBS ChorusLoretta Sheridan01-18-23  08:29 am
Spec for salvaging/ reinstalling componentsCJ Galvin 12 01-13-23  11:43 am
Elevator Consultant Recommendations - East Coast PreferablyPaul Sweet 12-13-22  01:31 pm
BIM-integrated specification processEdward R Heinen CSI 12-09-22  11:39 am
A Review of Deltek Specpoint 11 12-08-22  02:24 pm
Anyone using Conspectus Cloud?Dennis C. Elrod, AIA12-08-22  10:16 am
Adhesive to affix insulation spindle to SA air barrierken hercenberg12-05-22  12:33 pm
Section 018316 Exterior Enclosure Performance RequirementsPhil Kabza12-02-22  09:22 am
Stainless Steel Wall Base in Division 09?Loretta Sheridan11-23-22  09:24 am
Delegated Design/ Deferred Submittals/ Design-BuildMark Gilligan SE, 11-08-22  02:39 pm
Modular classroom building specificationDavid G. Axt, CDT, C11-02-22  12:18 pm
Wood Casework Refinishing SpecJames Sandoz, AIA, C10-17-22  09:11 am
Insulation in exterior walls John Bunzick13 10-13-22  04:03 pm
PDF's and Blank PagesJohn W. O'Neil33 10-11-22  01:03 pm
AAMA 621Joseph Berchenko10-06-22  01:27 pm
"Special" Warranties?John Bunzick09-26-22  03:30 pm
Water vapor fireplace specification?Phil Babinec09-08-22  02:28 pm
Specifiers for MPE Specs 08-27-22  07:46 am
Problems created by building department policiesPhil Kabza12 08-23-22  02:31 pm
Transitioning to Spec WriterDan Helphrey18 08-10-22  07:22 pm
Reference StandardsJohn Bunzick07-22-22  02:15 pm
Rammed Earth Construction (13 35 00) Specification Loretta Sheridan07-22-22  07:25 am
Specification WritersLynn Javoroski FCSI 27 07-14-22  12:34 pm
Owner-Builder Front EndAnne Whitacre, FCSI 07-14-22  11:55 am
Secure Bid DocumentsPhil Kabza07-05-22  08:19 am
Electrochomatic Glass Manufacturerken hercenberg18 06-22-22  04:57 pm
Shortages, Supply Chain Issues, Other Related IssuesMelissa J Aguiar06-22-22  12:21 pm
List of ClarificationsDavid L. Heuring, AI06-20-22  11:47 pm
Excluding Manufacturersken hercenberg06-20-22  12:56 pm
Masterformat 1995 Challenge againLoretta Sheridan28 06-03-22  07:35 am
Fabrication/Installation tolerances for HandrailsChad Hanley 05-19-22  04:58 pm
MasterSpec "Related Documents" text removedGeorge A. Everding, 18 05-10-22  11:26 pm
ADDING BORDERS TO A TABLE IN ESPECSWayne Yancey05-03-22  06:01 pm
What's the latest on specifying coeff of friction...Brian E. Trimble, CD11 05-02-22  05:33 pm
What specification sections truly require a Preinstallation Confere...Chris Grimm, CSI, CC22 04-29-22  03:55 pm
Spacing of control joints in slabs?Mark Gilligan SE, 04-12-22  06:23 pm
Acoustical Ceiling Seismic InstructionsLoretta Sheridan04-02-22  11:35 am
Share-a-SpecDan Helphrey03-31-22  05:58 pm
Anyone done work in Spain?Robin E. Snyder03-15-22  07:17 pm
Design-BuildDavid R. Combs, CSI,10 02-23-22  10:51 am
Joints in Cavity Wall XPS insulationken hercenberg02-21-22  06:25 pm
Golf Simulator SectionRonald L. Geren, FCS02-21-22  04:34 pm
Existing CMU Joints and Membrane ApplicationRon Beard12 01-21-22  01:35 pm
Microsoft 365 update & MasterSpec Sustainability GREEN hyperlinks 01-13-22  02:29 pm
Membrane Roof Recomendations for Plaza Deck over CLT panelsken hercenberg14 01-11-22  03:56 pm
BSD SpecLink Cloud - Why Do I Want This?Loretta Sheridan32 12-22-21  10:44 am
Fabricated metal items rusting on siteMark Gilligan SE, 14 12-20-21  05:00 pm
Deltek "SpecBuilder Cloud"Greta eckhardt 55 11-02-21  05:30 pm
Hokey-PokeyRonald J. Ray, RA, C12 10-21-21  09:34 pm
Pivot Panel PartitionMichael Chusid, RA F10-04-21  07:33 pm
equipment vs resultsTracy Van Niel, FCSI09-29-21  12:16 pm
Mechanically attached stone veneer over CIWayne Yancey09-24-21  08:53 pm
UL 752 listing for bullet-resistant assembliesGreta Eckhardt 12 09-22-21  03:45 pm
Blasting specificationPhil Kabza15 09-15-21  05:35 pm
Substrate Testing for FlooringLisa Goodwin Robbins29 09-13-21  10:39 am
Developing Standards for Health Care ClientRuss Hinkle, AIA, CD08-31-21  03:47 pm
Forms on drawings that are not construction documentsMark Gilligan SE, 18 08-25-21  03:07 pm
Thatched Roofing (07 33 16)Lisa Goodwin Robbins19 08-16-21  01:55 pm
Ground Face Block EfflorescenceBrian E. Trimble, CD15 08-16-21  12:57 pm
The New NAAWS 4.0 released by AWMAC & WIDennis Dong 07-21-21  03:19 pm
Miscellaneous Rough Carpentryken hercenberg16 07-10-21  06:05 pm
A process/language to handle cost escalationsDave Heuring, AIA, C06-29-21  05:01 pm
Underslab Vapor Barrier WararntiesJohn Bunzick29 06-08-21  11:44 am
Has anyone worked with Nabco Entrances before?anon 05-24-21  05:00 pm
Sound dampening for steel stairsken hercenberg14 05-04-21  02:11 pm
PPD as CDEd Storer11 04-28-21  03:16 pm
Video Installation instructions without written instructiosn?Marc Chavez11 04-19-21  08:03 pm
Leak detection of low slope roof?Edward J Dueppen, RA04-09-21  03:15 pm
Is design delegated or allocated?Ed Storer20 04-05-21  04:13 pm
Vending machine specJames Sandoz, AIA, C29 03-24-21  08:51 am
Specifier Stats RevisitedSteven Bruneel, AIA,104 03-12-21  06:44 pm
Problems with paint adhesion on doorsGuest 03-12-21  11:41 am
Problem with BHMA StandardMichael Chusid, RA F03-05-21  09:58 pm
New ASTM Standard for Mock-upsken hercenberg02-17-21  04:14 pm
Looking for good defintion of "Refurbish"Steven Bruneel, AIA,14 02-11-21  05:10 pm
Bench CushionsMarc Chavez15 02-01-21  05:24 pm
Passive House SpecificationsPhil Kabza10 01-25-21  02:51 pm
MasterSpec Small ProjectsDavid G. Axt, CCS, C01-15-21  05:19 pm
Sequence of Preparing Division 01 SectionsGuest 11 01-13-21  06:37 pm
Sliding Barn doors sectionDave Metzger12-28-20  02:14 pm
Hydraulic Single-Panel Hangar DoorsDan Helphrey12-22-20  08:01 pm
Architectural Millwork Standards - AWI VS WI regionally.Dale Hurttgam, NCARB12-08-20  11:30 am
New North American Architectural Woodwork StandardDale Hurttgam, NCARB53 12-07-20  01:57 pm
Specs for Biosafety Level 2 Projectsken hercenberg11-13-20  12:14 pm
City Specifications?? DOT??Ed Storer14 11-04-20  09:33 pm
Dog doorsPhil Babinec10-21-20  02:24 pm
Buildings without specificationsMichael Chusid, RA F10 10-07-20  06:37 pm
How do construction firms deal with localized changes to baseline s...Priscilla Lee09-20-20  08:45 pm
The Saga of Getting Construction Specifications: Principles and App...Priscilla Lee09-16-20  07:37 pm
Managing section-specific definitionsHans Peterson09-14-20  11:21 am
Transit System Doors and GatesSteven Bruneel, AIA,09-10-20  03:40 pm
Ceiling Related TerminologyDan Helphrey09-02-20  03:06 pm
Roof hatches minimum 16 sq. ft.Marc Chavez20 09-01-20  05:29 pm
Shade SailsDewayne Dean08-21-20  02:31 pm
Advice on taking the CCS this FallPriscilla Lee08-18-20  12:37 pm
COVID-19 EFFECT ON SPECS Michael Chusid, RA F24 08-05-20  08:10 pm
Impact Resistance Classifications for Gypsum BoardPhil Babinec06-25-20  06:05 pm
SpecLink positives?Dewayne Dean23 06-24-20  02:15 pm
CSI's recommendations for citing standards in the Reference Standar...David J. Wyatt, CDT06-24-20  10:11 am
Custom Carved Wood DoorsWayne Yancey06-22-20  01:14 pm
Recommendation for a great specification writing text book?Nathan Woods, CSI, C12 06-17-20  12:46 am
Audiences for the Project ManualPriscilla Lee18 06-10-20  08:19 pm
Infrared SaunasJohn Bunzick06-02-20  04:54 pm
Seismic Requirements for GlazingMark Gilligan SE, 15 05-31-20  03:41 pm
Structural Glass Railings and Wind ScreensT.J. Simons, CSI, CC16 05-15-20  12:46 pm
DBIA No. 540Mark Gilligan SE, 04-25-20  02:46 pm
Wood Floor Repair and RefinishRobin E. Snyder04-20-20  06:10 pm
AbbreviationsSteven Bruneel, AIA,04-18-20  02:58 pm
What's in a name?William C. Pegues12 04-17-20  08:55 pm
Electro-mechanical door hardware and Division-28 (ACS) coordination...RH 04-08-20  12:14 pm
Microsoft Word "blinking"Wayne Yancey25 04-02-20  07:59 pm
Door Hardware ConsultantsRich Gonser03-31-20  08:04 pm
SpecLink / BSD bought out, liquidating? Lars Hubbard23 02-20-20  06:10 pm
Coordinating Hotel SpecificationsJeffrey Wilson CSI C01-28-20  03:18 pm
GFRC maintenanceJerome J. Lazar, CCS01-10-20  01:16 pm
Modifications via AddendumWayne Yancey12-11-19  06:44 pm
Quality Control NarrativeNathan Woods, CSI, C12-04-19  06:39 pm
Precast Concrete Restroom BuildingJ. Peter Jordan12-03-19  12:42 pm
White EPDMWilliam C. Pegues15 11-12-19  12:21 am
Letter of ConformanceMark Gilligan SE, 11-09-19  09:26 pm
Changes in CISCA Ceiling Systems Handbook Michael Chusid, RA F11-05-19  12:14 am
Specs for western Africa countriesSunny Onadipe, CCS, 11-01-19  12:24 pm
design professional licensed in the state where the project is locatedJames Sandoz, AIA, C14 10-29-19  08:57 am
Coordinating consultant specsPhil Kabza18 10-28-19  08:08 pm
Home Innovation Labs - testing of metal studsMark Gilligan SE, 10-25-19  01:21 pm
Venetian Plaster SpecEd Storer10-19-19  12:01 am
Concrete Hardener, Dustproofer, and Sealer SubstitutionChris Grimm, CSI, CC10-13-19  03:46 pm
Related DocumentsJ. Peter Jordan40 10-02-19  03:41 pm
Infection Control SpecificationChris Grimm, CSI, CC19 09-15-19  02:42 am
Division 1 EliminationEd Storer09-14-19  03:18 pm
"Clerical" QA of specsChris Grimm, CSI, CC11 09-13-19  06:14 pm
Independent Specification Consultant RosterGeorge A. Everding, 09-13-19  05:23 pm
Question regarding incorrect use of "Basis of Design"Ed Storer24 08-28-19  08:01 pm
Who writes structural specifications?Ed Storer51 08-28-19  07:37 pm
Embodied Carbon in SpecsAnne Whitacre, FCSI 20 08-23-19  03:11 pm
Modular Construction SpecificationMark Gilligan SE, 08-14-19  04:17 am
Concrete CountertopGeorge A. Everding, 08-07-19  04:33 pm
Wacky startup infoChris Grimm, CSI, CC10 08-01-19  06:37 pm
Nora Systems, Inc.Melissa J Aguiar07-31-19  01:26 pm
Smoke BafflesJ. Peter Jordan07-24-19  04:40 pm
Sand for Sandbox specDavid J. Wyatt, CDT10 07-19-19  08:22 am
BSD Custom Color Language - Opinion needed.Anne Whitacre, FCSI 19 07-18-19  08:31 pm
ASTM E985 withdrawnBrett Scarfino 16 07-11-19  05:38 pm
ASTM E985 - alternativesRon Beard07-10-19  06:34 pm
Commercial HumidorMarc Chavez07-05-19  03:08 pm
Good source for "temperature change" range?Brett Scarfino 07-05-19  11:24 am
Spelling Errors on DrawingsGuest 30 06-27-19  02:36 pm
Residential Single Ply RoofingRosa Cheney10 06-25-19  02:43 pm
Moisture testing of Concrete wall substrateTguntner 10 06-24-19  11:33 am
Blackened Stainless SteelLynn Javoroski FCSI 10 06-24-19  09:02 am
Whitewashing brickBrian E. Trimble, CD06-20-19  10:15 am
Phased CloseoutJ. Peter Jordan11 06-06-19  09:05 am
AP vs. Chicago Manual of Style in specsChris Grimm, CSI, CC12 05-10-19  01:03 pm
CSI-13.1A formSheldon Wolfe05-08-19  02:59 am
Looking for ANSI 156.10 and 156.19Sheldon Wolfe05-08-19  02:53 am
Cross Laminated Timber specification?Guest 22 05-07-19  12:40 pm
Master specificationsPhil Kabza54 05-02-19  01:59 pm
Limited Warranty and "original purchaser"Michael Chusid, RA F04-30-19  06:36 pm
AWI 0641 - Architectural Wood Casework Standard - Public Comment Pe...Ashley Goodin04-29-19  11:49 am
Masterformat - section for "bicycle-washing tubs"Anne Whitacre, FCSI 04-25-19  08:41 pm
Pick-proof sealantAnne Whitacre, FCSI 04-25-19  08:37 pm
Linking paragraphs using masterworksWayne Yancey04-25-19  09:02 am
Thou mustn't specify "shall", nor "must"!Chris Grimm, CSI, CC19 04-24-19  12:16 pm
Format for Installation InstructionsPhil Kabza22 04-14-19  02:22 pm
Wood Door UndercuttingJohn Bunzick, CCS, C04-12-19  04:19 pm
ADA or ADAAA?Michael Chusid, RA F10 04-11-19  11:23 pm
Wood Storefront / CurtainwallDan Helphrey04-05-19  08:38 pm
Hyphenation and pluralization of measurementsSheldon Wolfe04-03-19  02:30 am
E-Specs with UFGSDan Helphrey03-25-19  02:48 pm
Looking for copy of MasterSpec 264113 - Lightning ProtectionDewayne Dean03-21-19  06:01 pm
Rooftop Artificial Turf - where to specify?Dan Helphrey03-19-19  04:49 pm
Purchase order?Dave Metzger15 03-12-19  10:05 am
Buy American ActHadley Breckenridge03-06-19  10:15 am
Where do you specify miscellaneous items?David J. Wyatt, CDT03-04-19  07:45 am
OFOI ITEMSJerome J. Lazar, CCS02-20-19  08:41 pm
Numbers and pairs and spaces oh myNathan Woods, CSI, C02-07-19  06:37 pm
SECTION 321540 - CRUSHED STONE SURFACINGDewayne Dean12-21-18  09:56 am
Interruption of ServiceChris Grimm, CSI, CC12-18-18  09:36 pm
Stucco on Brick MasonryMichael Chusid, RA F12-05-18  04:14 pm
Sound Absorption Average vs. Noise Reduction CoefficientChris Grimm, CSI, CC12-05-18  01:24 pm
No Division 01Dan Helphrey18 12-04-18  09:32 pm
Dasher BoardsDavid E Lorenzini11-21-18  07:51 pm
11 1240 - Electric Vehicle Charging StationsLisa Goodwin Robbins11 11-05-18  10:10 am
Product Material Safety (post construction)John Bunzick, CCS, C13 10-28-18  03:28 pm
specs intact and QCS/RMSHadley Breckenridge17 10-11-18  09:37 am
Specifier questionsHadley Breckenridge29 10-08-18  06:38 pm
Field Measurements on Shop Drawings?Greta Eckhardt10-01-18  04:43 pm
3 Equal Manufacturers or Suppliers?Paul Sweet 15 09-28-18  12:32 pm
Are foreign fire tested products legal?Anonymous 09-27-18  07:08 pm
punchlist work not to be performedJohn Bunzick, CCS, C09-27-18  01:23 pm
Has Anyone Ever Specified Pavegen Tiles?Liz O'Sullivan08-30-18  02:04 pm
Roll-out awing specification requestDavid G. Axt, CCS, C08-29-18  10:49 pm
Problems with Gypsum Association systemsDavid G. Axt, CCS, C08-24-18  12:51 pm
Asbestos-free materialsMichael Chusid, RA F14 08-22-18  06:24 pm
How Much of Your Time Do You Spend on Developing and Maintaining Of...Jerome J. Lazar, RA,08-01-18  01:22 am
Fiberglass Thermal Spacer ClipsChris Grimm, CSI, CC11 07-27-18  12:29 pm
Use of word "shall"Ron Beard CCS12 07-18-18  01:00 pm
Historical Window RenovationRobin E. Snyder07-07-18  03:13 pm
2018 IBC. 2304.12.2.6Guest 06-26-18  12:01 pm
Further Discussions on SpecsIntactDavid J. Wyatt, CDT15 06-14-18  08:31 am
Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Panel SystemsGail Ann J. Goldstea10 06-12-18  06:10 pm
Uninformed Addendum ChangesJerome J. Lazar, RA,06-02-18  09:02 pm
Specifying IKEA J. Peter Jordan05-30-18  08:42 am
Historic mail chute restorationSteve Gantner, RA, C05-09-18  04:20 pm
Its Friday ,time for a Stupid Questionken hercenberg04-18-18  01:26 pm
NFPA 80 fire door inspectionsEdward J Dueppen, RA04-04-18  05:31 pm
like, kind and quality?David J. Wyatt, CDT11 03-21-18  09:04 am
GWB / Metal Framing bump - how to spec this to not happenWayne Yancey03-20-18  05:18 pm
Insulated Concrete FormsJ. Peter Jordan03-19-18  05:58 pm
Specifier's Compensation/Salary SurveyBrian E. Trimble, CD03-15-18  10:41 am
Extended Warranty CostsDave Metzger11 03-08-18  04:46 pm
Delegated DesignsMark Gilligan SE, 12 03-08-18  01:34 pm
Specification feedback during DD/CDRosa Cheney 14 02-27-18  05:50 pm
Satin Anodized AluminumGuest 02-23-18  02:29 pm
Spec Section to cover Survey and Monitoring Adjacent Building Condi...ken hercenberg02-07-18  05:44 pm
Roof CurbsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C02-05-18  12:42 pm
Solid Surface Wall PanelsSteven Bruneel, AIA,01-25-18  07:09 pm
Preparation for wall coverings?David G. Axt, CCS, C01-25-18  06:14 pm
Laminating existing wood doorsRobin E. Snyder01-22-18  03:07 pm
10 1146 Visual Display FabricsJeffrey Wilson CSI C01-19-18  09:55 am
Where are the expansion joints?Greta Eckhardt24 12-14-17  05:04 pm
AESS revisitedChris Grimm, CSI, CC12 12-13-17  11:56 am
OSHA Crystalline Silica RuleJohn Bunzick, CCS, C12-06-17  03:53 pm
NYC fire department arc (auxiliary radio communication) system spec...Michael Chusid, RA F11-24-17  05:49 pm
Commercial Kitchen Flooring Productken hercenberg11-20-17  04:30 pm
Punchlist HeadachesGuest 11-17-17  08:12 pm
Shoring and UnderpinningRonald J. Ray, RA, C11-09-17  11:00 am
Hardware Sets - where and how do you issue them?Sheldon Wolfe11-09-17  12:24 am
Seismic Requirements in So FloridaMark Gilligan SE, 12 11-06-17  03:30 pm
Spec templates for team useRonald L. Geren, FCS11-02-17  06:38 pm
Independents - Protecting your specs from unathorized useSteven Bruneel, AIA,35 11-02-17  04:38 pm
Stone Inspection Section LocationLisa Goodwin Robbins11 10-30-17  10:53 am
paint color of intermediate coatsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C10-27-17  04:05 pm
Refinishing Wood Lockers (spa)Lynn Javoroski FCSI 10-21-17  05:02 pm
Conductive PrimerJeffrey Wilson CSI C10-05-17  11:55 am
Really? No Barrier Cable Spec SectionMichael Chusid, RA F18 10-03-17  01:58 pm
Tips on writing specifications for GC?CM projects?ken hercenberg21 09-18-17  03:31 pm
coping versus roof at parapetSteven Bruneel, AIA,10 09-11-17  08:33 pm
A new type of specification?David G. Axt, CCS, C14 08-22-17  01:07 pm
Floors in surgery rooms?Steven Bruneel, AIA,11 08-21-17  12:46 pm
Pre-Fab Toilet RoomsJames Sandoz, AIA, C08-18-17  09:34 am
WRB = ?Michael Chusid, RA F10 08-17-17  07:29 pm
Owner wants ownership of the documents.Michael Chusid, RA F17 08-01-17  03:02 pm
Copyright of Artwork used For Project GraphicsJ. Peter Jordan07-29-17  09:27 am
Lessons learned - good and badRonald L. Geren, FCS23 06-30-17  09:08 pm
Independents - Protecting your specs from unathorized useSpecial Guest 06-20-17  09:31 am
Concrete CrackingDewayne Dean06-09-17  03:42 pm
New spec softwaresmcgrady 22 06-08-17  05:32 pm
When is testing considered "outdated"John Bunzick, CCS, C05-26-17  02:34 pm
Division 01 OwnershipGeorge A. Everding, 13 05-26-17  12:58 pm
Architectural Woodwork Standards Clarification Concern?Heather Zertuche05-24-17  04:10 pm
Coil Coated AluminumEd Storer05-24-17  02:01 pm
FRP Panels - USDA approvals and Federal SpecificationsJ. Peter Jordan05-22-17  05:24 pm
Specification feedback during CAChris Sanders13 05-18-17  08:52 am
HUD workJerome J. Lazar, RA,05-17-17  01:42 pm
Hyperlinks in specsDave Metzger17 05-17-17  01:36 pm
Turning the TableGuest 18 05-16-17  08:24 pm
brands WITH sTrAnGe capitalizaTIONSheldon Wolfe05-12-17  04:01 pm
MRI Shielding SpecNathan Woods, CSI, C05-07-17  08:22 pm
ASTM D4801John Bunzick, CCS, C05-04-17  12:19 pm
BSD Section 01 4219Scott McIntosh-Mize18 05-02-17  02:24 pm
Dry-fit mock-upsken hercenberg05-02-17  10:15 am
FRT plywood, air barriers, and fastenersBrett Scarfino 12 04-19-17  03:22 pm
Electrical Safety Rubber MatsGreta Eckhardt04-18-17  10:23 am
Div 01 Technical Specifications?J. Peter Jordan11 04-13-17  10:19 am
Why did you become a Specifer and what do you suggest?Louis Medcalf, FCSI,04-12-17  10:56 am
Wood StairsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C10 04-11-17  03:00 pm
Metal web wood joist spec?Guest 04-05-17  12:01 pm
MSDS and SDS in the age of HPD and EPDken hercenberg03-30-17  11:18 am
12 5900 - Systems FurniturePhil Babinec03-27-17  01:50 pm
Specification for Modular Steel BuildingsOmar Siddiq Dafallah03-23-17  04:59 am
Dynamic ScreenRichard Gonser AIA C03-21-17  11:42 pm
FRP Doors and Aluminum Frames Spec?Robert Timber AIA, C03-17-17  10:56 am
vinyl-coated chain link. need galv fabric?David J. Wyatt, CDT03-14-17  02:02 pm
BHMA B04013 Metal Shelf RestJ. Peter Jordan14 03-10-17  11:27 am
Fastening wood sill plate to slab?Dewayne Dean03-09-17  04:06 pm
Designer inputTrevor14 03-08-17  10:00 am
Insulation and Hollow Metal Door FramesBrian Payne, AIA16 02-25-17  08:44 am
Tobacco Smoke StainsMichael Chusid, RA F02-15-17  01:40 pm
ARCOMONEWayne Yancey02-09-17  12:01 pm
demo'd struct, how to get concrete off the rebar?John Bunzick, CCS, C14 02-07-17  02:34 pm
as indicated by manufacturer's designationsGuest 14 02-07-17  11:31 am
Floating VanitiesSteven Bruneel, AIA,02-06-17  08:14 pm
Forklift specMark Gilligan SE, 01-22-17  03:03 pm
Zinc CountertopsPaul Sweet 01-19-17  12:24 pm
Detention hardware specialist in South Central / Southeast states?user 01-18-17  11:48 am
8' x 8' fire blocking in furred spaces over rated wallsWayne Yancey01-11-17  11:18 am
Flashing thickness?Lynn Javoroski FCSI 12-14-16  10:22 am
flammable liquids storage cabinetsDewayne Dean12-13-16  10:32 am
Window Sill EdgeEllis C. Whitby, PE,30 12-05-16  07:30 am
More information on ANSI/AWI StandardDavid G. Axt, CCS, C12-01-16  06:39 pm
Section number suggestions - rope bridge and hammock (large!)Tracy Van Niel, FCSI12-01-16  10:45 am
Concrete FlatnessDewayne Dean11-22-16  10:05 am
spec for wood log obstacle coursePhil Kabza11-11-16  04:54 pm
Weather Membrane BarriersRH 11-11-16  10:46 am
Remove warranties from specs.David G. Axt, CCS, C11-10-16  07:08 pm
Cast Stone Stair TreadsRobert Timber AIA, C11-10-16  10:22 am
Shop Fabricated Panel Wall Systems for exterior envelopePhil Kabza11-07-16  07:07 am
Owner- vs. Contractor-engaged testingMark Gilligan SE, 13 10-18-16  01:48 pm
Contract Documents and the Spearin DoctrineDewayne Dean10-17-16  11:25 am
Terrazzo PatchingDewayne Dean09-16-16  10:04 am
"Living Wall"William C. Pegues, F09-16-16  12:48 am
Section Number for Rooftop 'Dog House"?Guest 09-13-16  06:32 pm
Medical Pass-Throughs - Division 10 or 11?Andy S 09-06-16  03:58 pm
Initial List of Items NeededGreta Eckhardt12 09-06-16  09:30 am
Tips on hospital specs?Sheldon Wolfe08-31-16  11:53 am
Folding Gate SpecificationRonald L. Geren, FCS08-25-16  11:31 am
Metal FabricJerome J. Lazar, RA,08-24-16  05:33 pm
Fire rated millworkRonald L. Geren, FCS08-24-16  01:00 pm
Cabinet Widths for Custom CabinetsDavid J. Wyatt, CDT10 08-23-16  08:17 am
Zika Virus Precautions on Construction SitesJerome J. Lazar, RA,48 08-11-16  03:27 pm
Specifier's Salary/Compensation Survey 2016Colin Gilboy08-09-16  10:56 am
Door Undercut dimensionJohn Bunzick, CCS, C12 08-01-16  03:42 pm
SPECS FOR AN AIR FORCE BASEMargaret G. Chewning11 07-22-16  12:13 pm
ApprovedDavid G. Axt, CCS, C07-21-16  09:10 am
Preparation of existing painted drywall for tileJohn Bunzick, CCS, C18 07-12-16  04:12 pm
lbfMichael Chusid, RA F12 07-11-16  06:27 pm
Bronze PanelsDewayne Dean06-27-16  06:09 pm
Diameter of grab bars?Dewayne Dean17 06-23-16  03:23 pm
Cleaning fire damaged floors, walls and doorsSteven Bruneel, AIA,06-16-16  09:05 pm
Doggie wash system ???James Sandoz, AIA, C11 06-13-16  09:14 am
Parapet Metal Coping - exposed fasteners vs cleat?mcc351 06-10-16  10:20 am
Single Ply Roof Assembly - Fastening Method and Vapor RetarderWayne Yancey06-09-16  05:44 pm
Make concrete look like limestone?J. Peter Jordan06-01-16  03:00 pm
Tub Reglazingmcc351 06-01-16  10:02 am
Cloud Verision of BSDBSD Tech Support13 06-01-16  08:33 am
What CSI MF Woodwork/Interior Finish Sections Are Missing Standards?Ashley Goodin05-26-16  09:35 pm
Boring locations - Geotechnical investigationJohn Bunzick, CCS, C21 05-18-16  01:48 pm
Gaco Monolithic RoofDewayne Dean05-17-16  10:19 am
Cabinet Core SelectionDewayne Dean10 05-09-16  11:24 am
Specifying PaintLouis Medcalf, FCSI,28 05-04-16  12:47 pm
Waterstops...who is in charge?Mark Gilligan SE, 05-03-16  02:05 am
Related SectionsChristopher Borcsok04-25-16  05:26 pm
Glass Atrium Roof/Dance FloorMark Gilligan SE, 04-25-16  03:34 pm
Toggle Glazed Curtain WallJohn Hunter04-25-16  02:10 pm
Does our spec book call for all exterior soffits to be ventilated?Michael Chusid, RA F13 04-19-16  09:47 pm
European StandardsDewayne Dean04-18-16  02:06 pm
Pinholing in terrazzo matrixDavid E Lorenzini13 04-12-16  11:45 am
Writing Canadian vs. American specsDavid G. Axt, CCS, C03-17-16  08:31 pm
Concrete Curlingken hercenberg13 03-02-16  10:58 pm
wood refinishingG. Wade Bevier, FCSI03-01-16  04:48 pm
Tracking Changes in BSDDewayne Dean16 02-29-16  10:33 am
Client ? specifications that talk about walkway cross slopes?Jerome J. Lazar, RA,22 02-25-16  12:14 pm
One Project Manual versus Separate PM's for each packageAnne Whitacre, FCSI 14 02-24-16  07:02 pm
Slip Resistant CoefficientAnne Whitacre, FCSI 16 02-24-16  06:52 pm
Blackened SteelPhil Babinec10 02-24-16  07:34 am
AWPA UC4A UPDATE FROM JLCJerome J. Lazar, RA,02-22-16  09:37 am
SSMA vs. SFIA?Anonymous 22 02-18-16  02:23 pm
ROOF JACKSGuest 02-16-16  01:27 pm
APA vs. NPCA vs. PCIDavid G. Axt, CCS, C02-12-16  07:29 pm
Aluminum Stairs, Ramps, and LandingsJames Sandoz, AIA, C02-08-16  09:37 am
Cantilever Slide GateJeff Williams RA01-22-16  04:38 pm
Waive requirement for mandatory pre bid attendanceanon 10 01-21-16  03:49 pm
Cast-in-Place Concrete or Architectural ConcreteSteve Gantner, RA, C16 01-20-16  05:12 pm
Division 01 & Technical Specs: HierarchyAnonymous 13 01-15-16  11:45 am
Telescoping Crane SpecRobin E. Snyder01-07-16  07:55 pm
Favorite typos?ken hercenberg114 01-06-16  07:57 pm
Prefabrication of Items Intended to be Site-BuiltRonald L. Geren, FCS15 12-21-15  04:26 pm
Advice for Design Professionals Working with SpecifiersDavid G. Axt, CCS, C12 12-17-15  05:16 pm
Help with NatatoriumRon Beard CCS14 12-12-15  10:05 pm
Concrete Masonry Parge CoatJohn Bunzick, CCS, C12-07-15  11:03 am
Construction HeatCurt Norton, CSI, CC12-04-15  03:11 pm
FRONT END QUESTIONJeff Williams RA11-25-15  09:44 am
US Customs & Border PatrolSteven Bruneel, AIA,11-24-15  08:21 pm
Location of "Accessories" within a sectionTracy Van Niel, FCSI11-19-15  10:07 am
Anodized Aluminum FinishesDave Metzger11-16-15  12:20 pm
Fire rated grout, 5000 psiJohn Bunzick, CCS, C11-15-15  06:02 pm
Cold-Formed Metal Framing - Who Writes?Jerome J. Lazar, RA,18 11-12-15  11:03 am
Cross Referencing Specs to the Drawingsken hercenberg11-11-15  03:36 pm
Burnishing cracked terrazzoJ. Peter Jordan11-01-15  03:56 pm
Updating office masters? - MasterSpecJohn Bunzick, CCS, C10-30-15  09:46 am
Specs are not being issued as part of the Contract Documents, is th...Sheldon Wolfe58 10-29-15  09:04 pm
termite treatmeat and brownfieldsSheldon Wolfe10-29-15  07:24 pm
ScaffoldingJerome J. Lazar, RA,11 10-28-15  08:24 pm
Dust Control OutdoorsJerome J. Lazar, RA,13 10-26-15  12:25 pm
acoustic treatments spec?Vivian Volz, AIA, CS13 10-22-15  03:02 pm
Spec Section numbers within Drawing notesLisa Goodwin Robbins10-21-15  10:10 pm
F rating/T rating in IBCAnonymous 10-15-15  04:13 pm
Field Sample vs. Mock UpDavid J. Wyatt, CDT14 10-05-15  11:52 am
Alkali Resistant Paint for protecting aluminum Jerome J. Lazar, RA,10-03-15  12:01 pm
Specification Format - Lines Numbered?John Bunzick, CCS, C18 09-21-15  03:03 pm
Confusing Architect's Actions on Submittal StampSteven Bruneel, AIA,47 09-15-15  03:03 pm
Construction Management SoftwareJohn Bunzick, CCS, C09-05-15  03:13 pm
Studio Pipe Grid Specification John Bunzick, CCS, C10 09-05-15  03:04 pm
Contractor-issued addendumChris Grimm, CSI, CC16 08-25-15  05:25 pm
Federal Tax ID Credit?ken hercenberg08-25-15  09:31 am
Roller wave distortion spec requirementsBill Coady CSI, CCPR13 08-14-15  03:27 pm
Resinous Flooring vs Traffic CoatingGuest 08-13-15  11:11 am
Visual Mockup for concreteGeorge A. Everding, 10 07-30-15  03:33 pm
Grade level rigid insulation protectionEdward J Dueppen, RA11 07-29-15  03:37 pm
ASTM withdrawn after CD's issuedMichael Heinsdorf, P14 07-28-15  10:19 am
Manufacturer's SpecsMichael Chusid, RA F07-18-15  11:19 am
Perimeter Foundation Drain DesignerRichard Gonser AIA C20 07-13-15  11:12 am
When to Use Basis of Design (or not) Greta Eckhardt55 07-01-15  02:06 pm
Why using the word "if" in specs is a non-no?Scott Piper06-22-15  03:08 pm
Parking StackersJerome J. Lazar, RA,16 06-18-15  02:02 pm
Construction Documents for Permit ReviewJerome J. Lazar, RA,06-02-15  10:13 pm
temporary interior protective enclosureDave Metzger05-30-15  09:04 am
"Truth" in SpecificationsGeorge A. Everding, 05-26-15  03:54 pm
Type N or Type S in brick veneerWilliam C. Pegues, F05-26-15  10:56 am
SPECIFICATIONS OR NOTES WHICH IS IT?Michael Chusid, RA F16 05-25-15  09:27 pm
HUD specificationsDavid J. Wyatt, CDT05-21-15  10:50 am
Residential vs Commercial SpecificationsMichael Chusid, RA F15 05-19-15  04:14 pm
Using ASTM Standards in SubmittalsSteven Bruneel, AIA,15 05-15-15  06:48 pm
Stainless steel and steel ken hercenberg05-11-15  10:26 am
Glazing Accessories - Materialsken hercenberg05-07-15  07:47 pm
Cleaning Porcelain PanelsMichael Chusid05-05-15  12:47 pm
AAMA Window Testing FrequencyBrett Scarfino 05-04-15  06:03 pm
NAMING MANUFACTURER OPTIONSanon 32 04-30-15  04:43 pm
Protecting Fiber Cement Siding from Mower DamageDavid G. Axt, CCS, C11 04-30-15  03:12 pm
Basalt Exterior Wall CladdingGreta Eckhardt13 04-27-15  09:53 am
Healthcare Technology's Accu-MountLynn Javoroski FCSI 10 04-23-15  11:20 am
Time out roomMichael Chusid16 04-20-15  02:14 pm
Letter of Intent in lieu of submittals John Hunter04-17-15  01:37 pm
Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)Lee Orosco04-15-15  07:01 pm
Rewrite Division 01 for Contractor to mean subcontractors???Louis Medcalf, FCSI,11 04-15-15  09:39 am
Glass blade signagesathesh04-06-15  10:48 am
Non-load bearing ceiling joist specBruce Konschuh03-31-15  06:45 pm
what section to put wood store front and wood pargolas?sathesh03-27-15  02:41 am
Architects asked by clients not to prepare specificationsAlan Mays, AIA18 03-20-15  07:54 pm
"Project Site" vs "Job Site"Steven Bruneel, AIA,18 03-18-15  06:40 pm
Wire GlassJohn Bunzick, CCS, C19 03-14-15  12:57 pm
Basis-of-DesignAnne Onimous17 03-13-15  06:18 pm
What are my options?Dave Metzger14 03-09-15  09:06 pm
Refinishing Existing Granite FlooringAnne Whitacre, FCSI 03-09-15  07:48 pm
When is an elevated deck considered a roof?Jerome J. Lazar, RA,21 02-27-15  03:27 pm
Spec FormattingJerome J. Lazar, RA,11 02-27-15  01:11 pm
Does CSI recognize Masterformat 1995 - 16 DivisionsSteve Gantner, CSI, 41 02-24-15  10:13 am
Use of Social Media in ConstructionJohn Bunzick, CCS, C22 02-23-15  11:30 am
Moving to SpecLink-eLynn Javoroski FCSI 02-19-15  01:06 pm
Specifying fire separation assembliesSteven Bruneel, AIA,11 02-18-15  08:26 pm
General Notes (first commissioned project, first time writing notes...Robert E. Woodburn, 19 02-12-15  02:01 pm
Specify WP joint warranty between mfr and installer, but mfr says no.Sheldon Wolfe02-06-15  10:29 pm
Euro Projectsken hercenberg02-04-15  09:50 am
RF Neutral Roof ScreensJohn Hunter02-03-15  05:53 pm
Exposed work normally concealed - spec language for "neat and tidy"...Vivian Volz, AIA, CS15 01-29-15  01:48 pm
FRT plywood and carpet installationAnn Sobiech Munson, 11 01-26-15  10:18 am
Specifying "Information Available to Contractor"Anonymous 01-15-15  11:00 am
Gypsum board edge beadsTracy Van Niel, FCSI01-13-15  03:46 pm
Procurement DocumentsJeffrey Leemhuis, AI01-07-15  02:47 pm
Shower DrainsJ. Peter Jordan01-06-15  04:21 pm
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