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hot asphalt for mod bit - substitution requestDavid Axt, AIA, CCS,19 09-07-11  01:41 pm
Narrow Trench DrainWilliam C. Pegues, F08-30-11  11:57 pm
DampproofingJim Sliff08-26-11  12:02 pm
Magnesium Oxide BoardAnne Whitacre, FCSI 08-24-11  05:12 pm
ISO 13007 tile setting methodsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C08-23-11  04:08 pm
Knocked-down vs, welded HM door framesJohn Bunzick, CCS, C16 08-23-11  03:53 pm
Clear finish compatibility?Jim Sliff08-08-11  04:23 pm
Cable hangers for signsColin Gilboy08-05-11  12:34 pm
Gang hand washing stationsRichard A. Rosen, CS08-04-11  03:29 pm
Tile Backer BoardMark Gilligan SE, 07-29-11  06:49 pm
Black Reflective FilmJohn Bunzick, CCS, C07-13-11  06:15 pm
Preformed vs. field cut wall base cornersJohn Bunzick, CCS, C07-13-11  06:13 pm
MasoniteJ. Peter Jordan 07-13-11  02:32 pm
Magnetic PaintRalph Liebing, RA, C07-13-11  06:54 am
3-hole vs. 10-hole brickBrian E. Trimble, CD07-11-11  05:03 pm
Cork Floor refinishingRichard Hird PE CCS 07-07-11  08:37 pm
Radiant Heating Under Pedestal PaversLynn Javoroski CSI C07-05-11  12:33 pm
playground surfaceRichard A. Rosen, CS06-29-11  02:27 pm
ADA locker lockDavid Axt, AIA, CCS,06-21-11  05:25 pm
Floor for a walk-in freezer?Phil Kabza06-16-11  05:53 pm
composite wood deckingJohn Bunzick, CCS, C06-15-11  04:28 pm
ACRYLIC COATINGS FOR COOL ROOFSEllis C. Whitby, PE,06-10-11  04:16 pm
Vehicle Crash BarriersRonald L. Geren, AIA06-10-11  10:12 am
Boyd AluminumRichard L Matteo, AI06-08-11  01:16 pm
Sliding doors for bathroomsAnne Whitacre, FCSI 11 06-01-11  06:47 pm
U-value for steel door?George A. Everding, 11 05-20-11  07:49 pm
Recommended response to old CCA-treated woodBarry D. Yatt, CSI, 05-19-11  08:28 am
60 minute building paperDavid Axt, AIA, CCS,05-18-11  12:48 pm
Parging Concrete Masonry WallsAnne Whitacre, FCSI 05-18-11  11:33 am
CurbsRalph Liebing, RA, C05-17-11  02:57 pm
Zinc-1 and Zinc-2 per ASTM F 1941Wayne Yancey05-16-11  07:00 pm
Trench Cover in LabDavid Axt, AIA, CCS,05-10-11  02:36 pm
composite lumber follow-up 05-10-11  07:43 am
Carpet and NSF 140Lisa Goodwin Robbins05-05-11  12:05 pm
Elongation for FlashingPhil Kabza05-02-11  10:14 pm
SandBrian E. Trimble, CD04-25-11  08:12 pm
Moisture Mitagation CoatingMark Gilligan SE, 24 04-25-11  07:35 pm
stone laminated to ceramic tile John Bunzick, CCS, C04-08-11  12:54 pm
Color Differences in prefinished aluminumJohn Bunzick, CCS, C04-08-11  12:52 pm
Asphalt Shingle UnderlaymentPhil Kabza04-06-11  05:59 pm
Painting Structural SteelJim Sliff22 04-02-11  06:24 pm
CARBONCAST PRECASTWayne Yancey03-30-11  11:53 am
Polished concrete - silicate and siliconate polymer densifiers vs. ...Scott Thome 03-29-11  09:54 pm
Quality Control for Pre-engineered Metal Building Envelopes  03-23-11  11:04 am
Straw Boards -- an update?Anne Whitacre, FCSI 03-21-11  04:05 pm
PHOTOVOLTAIC SPECIFICATIONMargaret G. Chewning03-15-11  10:48 am
spray -on roofing systemsJim Sliff03-14-11  12:43 am
Chappell Wood Doorsken hercenberg03-10-11  06:16 pm
Clark Western ProSTUD 20Lisa Goodwin Robbins03-03-11  09:34 am
Stego WrapLynn Javoroski CSI C03-01-11  01:41 pm
Can it pass the NFPA 285 test per Section 2603.5.5 of the 2006 IBC?Dale Hurttgam, NCARB15 03-01-11  12:54 pm
rated cooler doorsken hercenberg03-01-11  11:52 am
084xxx testing the vent in operable vent windowsMarc C Chavez03-01-11  11:47 am
EIFS question regarding insulation bond strength to substrateTracy Van Niel, FCSI02-17-11  03:41 pm
mystery product, wall anchorTim Howarth, AIA, CC21 02-17-11  11:47 am
Standing Seam Roofing - Alum vs Steel?John Bunzick, CCS, C02-11-11  12:27 pm
Moisture issues in concrete slabsLynn Javoroski CSI C18 02-10-11  01:32 pm
Portland cement terrazzo sound deadeningAnne Whitacre, FCSI 02-05-11  01:32 pm
099600 special coatings - epoxy "paint" vs epoxy coatings Jim Sliff13 01-31-11  01:41 pm
Dow Roofing SystemsE Jones01-31-11  10:37 am
Intumescennt fireproofingJ. Peter Jordan 01-30-11  12:17 pm
Firefree 88Jim Sliff11 01-29-11  12:02 am
CRACKS IN A 4 HOUR CMU FIREWALLMark Gilligan SE, 01-18-11  11:39 pm
Hydrostop fluid applied roofingRichard L Matteo, AI10 01-17-11  08:03 pm
Door seal at Dark Room type doorRichard L Matteo, AI01-10-11  11:42 am
pneumatic tube specsJeffrey Wilson CSI C12-19-10  09:18 am
resin countertopsWayne Yancey12-17-10  02:04 pm
Alternating Tread StairsDave Metzger19 12-17-10  10:51 am
FR MDF and ParticleboardEllis C. Whitby, AIA12-15-10  10:02 am
Fire rated deflection tracksAaronRosin 12-10-10  04:42 pm
Alternates to KalwallRichard L Matteo, AI12-06-10  11:32 am
ACID BRICK FLOORINGSteven Bruneel, AIA,11-29-10  02:08 pm
waterproofing in cold tempsPaul Gerber34 11-24-10  09:41 am
Acoustical Wood-Fiber PanelsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C11-19-10  09:31 am
NFRC requirements / labelsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C11-19-10  09:30 am
Section for 11 68 00 Playfield Equipment and StructuresRichard Gonser AIA C11-12-10  10:56 am
Integrated PV and Metal RoofDavid Axt, AIA, CCS,11-10-10  08:17 pm
Low VOC Clear Steel CoatingJim Sliff11-10-10  07:02 pm
Plascore wallsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C11-03-10  04:21 pm
Cold rolled steel flat barMark Gilligan SE, 11-02-10  11:30 pm
Wall sheathing with factory laminated water-resistive and air barri...Jeffrey Wilson CSI C10-28-10  03:29 pm
steel skin thickness for ambulance garage doorLynn Javoroski CSI C15 10-21-10  10:51 am
Temporary heating of steel deck during concrete pour?Mark Gilligan SE, 10-15-10  01:42 pm
School Me: Polyester Powder Coat verses Shop Applied Polyurethane ... 10-08-10  06:41 pm
Heavy metal restrictions for fly ashJ. Peter Jordan11 10-08-10  11:35 am
Professional Water SealerDavid Newman, RA, CS10-08-10  11:29 am
Anchoring precast concrete wheel stopsJerome J. Lazar, RA,10-07-10  11:21 pm
Adhesive/Sealantken hercenberg10-07-10  05:22 pm
Pre-Engineered Metal Building for hangar 10-05-10  07:59 am
How do I specify Ipe wood?Lisa Goodwin Robbins16 10-04-10  10:53 am
metal shake roofsRichard L Matteo, AI09-28-10  12:48 pm
Low silicon welding rods for galvanized handrails. 09-24-10  11:38 am
Metal Laboratory Equipment 09-23-10  03:09 pm
Steel Decking at Indoor Swimming Pool 12 09-22-10  10:23 pm
Satin Coat SteelJeffrey Wilson CSI C09-20-10  05:34 pm
search engine 09-17-10  01:01 pm
S.1660 Formaldehyde Standards for Composite Wood ProductsDawn Garcia 09-16-10  11:41 am
Have you heard of..... 09-14-10  10:25 am
exterior access doorRobin E. Snyder09-12-10  01:43 pm
Polished concreteAnne Whitacre, FCSI 14 09-09-10  02:00 pm
Waterproofing of split face CMUMargaret G. Chewning11 09-04-10  04:16 pm
single hung transaction windowDavid Axt, AIA, CCS,09-03-10  02:51 pm
Warped vinyl sidingAnne Whitacre, FCSI 09-02-10  03:02 pm
Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen Cabinetry 09-01-10  01:46 pm
Plastic Laminate as Wall FinishHarry Peck, CSI, CCS13 08-27-10  09:14 am
Tile Redi Shower PansRobin E. Snyder08-26-10  12:19 pm
Roof Covering Material for Concave Shaped CanopyJohn Bunzick, CCS, C08-26-10  09:26 am
Stone Floor with Metal InlayRich Gonser AIA CSI 10 08-23-10  05:46 pm
Polyether sealantChris Johnston 08-20-10  01:03 pm
Pazkar waterproofingRichard L Matteo, AI08-19-10  06:41 pm
thermally modified woodCurt Norton, CSI, CC11 08-18-10  09:26 pm
Stadium seating? 08-11-10  09:33 am
Paint stripper information?Wayne Yancey08-06-10  10:09 am
Suggestions for temporary infill of embeds in parking garageAnne Whitacre, FCSI 07-24-10  01:25 pm
Fiberglass form tiesMark Gilligan SE, 07-22-10  11:25 am
ShimsJ. Peter Jordan13 06-25-10  07:52 pm
Library Security SystemRichard A. Rosen, CS06-24-10  11:25 am
Anti-Graffiti Coatings for AluminumJohn Bunzick, CCS, C06-23-10  02:19 pm
Polyguard Waterproofing systemsmike collins 06-23-10  02:19 pm
SilestoneJ. Peter Jordan06-19-10  12:57 pm
self-tapping fasteners for structural steelDave Metzger06-17-10  11:34 am
STONE FLOORING WARRANTY 13 06-16-10  03:06 pm
Black oxide finishLisa Goodwin Robbins12 06-14-10  04:31 pm
Rhino ShieldRandy Cox06-11-10  10:07 am
"Backing Board" or "Backer Board"Sheldon Wolfe13 05-26-10  10:11 am
Citadel vs. Alucobond-Reynobond-Alpolic ProductsGeorge A. Everding, 05-25-10  07:43 pm
Pebble Rock Flooring SpecGeorge A. Everding, 05-21-10  05:15 pm
stone for exterior fountainsDale Roberts CSI, CC05-21-10  01:11 pm
Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic ColumnsSheldon Wolfe05-19-10  09:25 pm
Parklex/Prodema - HELP!Lynn Javoroski CSI C12 05-10-10  08:44 am
NY BluestoneDale Roberts CSI, CC05-04-10  05:27 pm
Sodium silicate and concrete questionsSteven Bruneel, AIA,04-27-10  02:37 pm
Non-mineral core fire rated wood doorsTracy Van Niel, FCSI13 04-27-10  09:52 am
MDF baseboard for commercial projectsStephen H. Falk, ccs04-26-10  04:27 pm
Liquid Nitrogen GeneratorGeorge A. Everding, 04-26-10  03:48 pm
Promat H self supporting fire rated boardGeorge A. Everding, 04-20-10  07:59 pm
integral water repellant vs surface applied sealerJ. Peter Jordan04-20-10  06:30 pm
Partition wall to window mullion sealantRich Gonser AIA CSI 14 04-15-10  04:28 pm
Temporary Window FilmLisa Goodwin Robbins12 04-12-10  10:53 pm
Perforated WallpaperRon Beard CCS04-08-10  02:33 pm
Competitor to VaproShield WrapShield? 04-07-10  05:26 pm
Hollow Metal Door/Frame ManufacturersSteven Bruneel, AIA,13 03-30-10  06:31 pm
Hair today...Gone TomorrowRussell W. Wood, CSI03-30-10  03:22 pm
Terne MetalRonald L. Geren, AIA14 03-26-10  05:18 pm
Blinds inbetween lites for blast-resistant glassRichard L Matteo, AI03-26-10  10:50 am
Manufacturer's DisclaimersRon Beard CCS12 03-25-10  01:13 pm
Fluid Applied Roofing to Cover Existing Metal RoofJohn Bunzick, CCS, C11 03-24-10  09:59 am
Lockable wall BoxBrett M. Wilbur CSI,03-23-10  04:21 pm
Superior Metal TrimNathan Woods, CCCA, 03-22-10  03:45 pm
Sash Putty for wood windowsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C03-18-10  08:41 am
wateproofing at elevator pits sitting on concrete pilesGerard Sanchis13 03-18-10  08:08 am
Expansion Joint Sealant - sand or backer rod?Gerard Sanchis03-18-10  07:58 am
AcryliConJ. Peter Jordan03-17-10  03:59 pm
Terrazzo Floor Maintenance / Slip ResistanceJohn J. Frisco III, 03-12-10  03:43 pm
Russian Birch plywood?Wayne Yancey03-05-10  02:04 pm
Stage TrussesTom Gilmore, AIA, CC02-22-10  03:23 pm
Premature TPO failuresMarc C Chavez02-18-10  06:48 pm
Plastic Laminate Flooring CSI specJerome J. Lazar, RA,02-17-10  07:38 pm
Plastic Laminate Flooring CSI specJerome J. Lazar, RA,02-17-10  03:36 pm
penetrating oils versus waterbornes or polyurethanecr mudgeon 02-16-10  04:04 pm
HM Doors - Polystyrene vs Polyurethane coreDave Metzger02-15-10  11:21 am
non-ferrous 9/16 inch acoustic ceiling gridLynn Javoroski CSI C10 02-11-10  06:18 pm
HMMA and SDI - What are the essential differences?Sheldon Wolfe02-11-10  05:04 pm
Anyone have experience with "Resysta"?Ron Beard CCS02-10-10  03:21 pm
Really Built-Up Membrane Roofing SystemsAnne Whitacre, FCSI 19 02-09-10  04:15 pm
Elastomeric Coating for Existing Metal RoofDavid J. Wyatt02-07-10  11:50 am
Conductive Floor CoatingRalph Liebing, RA, C02-01-10  03:46 pm
Flashing Inspectionken hercenberg10 01-28-10  06:32 pm
Micronized Copper QuaternaryDavid Axt, AIA, CCS,01-25-10  01:58 pm
Termite resistant panel for wood caseworkJulia H. Hall01-24-10  12:57 am
Textured Concrete SlabsNathan Woods, CCCA, 01-22-10  12:21 pm
Oshkosh Door CompanyBrad Parks 01-22-10  10:24 am
car countersRobin E. Snyder01-20-10  11:55 am
electrochromic glass Lynn Javoroski CSI C01-20-10  09:22 am
Dock LevelersRalph Liebing, RA, C01-19-10  10:57 am
Bad stainless steel from China?Lisa Goodwin Robbins01-11-10  10:25 am
ONE WAY MIRROR GLAZINGLynn Javoroski CSI C10 01-05-10  04:44 pm
windowsRonald L. Geren, AIA12-22-09  11:04 am
I need a liner for my "fake lake"Dave Metzger12-20-09  09:44 am
Update on Drywall Watch-outJulia H. Hall27 12-16-09  08:36 am
Glass for psychiatric selcusion room interior windowsken hercenberg12-12-09  04:10 pm
Uninsulated precast wall installed prior to backupEllis C. Whitby, AIA12-11-09  11:53 am
Spray-on Adhesive for Resilient Flooring ProductsJonathan Miller, FCS12-10-09  07:07 pm
Second floor with below floor insulation exposed to the exterior?Dale Hurttgam, NCARB12-01-09  01:09 pm
Wood flooring installationDavid Stutzman11-30-09  09:13 am
Security Metal Products?Richard L Matteo, AI11-23-09  02:25 pm
Magnamagic paintLisa Goodwin Robbins11-19-09  09:33 am
Wood Toilet CompartmentsAndy 11-16-09  07:59 am
Paint comparison guide John Regener, AIA, C10 11-13-09  06:50 pm
Wood Grain Plastic Laminates - Grain Orientation/MatchingRichard L Matteo, AI15 11-13-09  11:25 am
Is Backer Board always required for interior tile applications?ken hercenberg11-10-09  10:04 am
Prefinished HM doors and framesken hercenberg11-10-09  09:45 am
Overhead Coiling Grilles Operation CyclesLynn Javoroski CSI C11-02-09  12:20 pm
Structural Glass VeneerAnne Whitacre, FCSI 14 11-01-09  05:56 pm
holy elevatorsNathan Woods, CCCA, 10-27-09  08:35 pm
Protecting Glass during constructionJohn Bunzick, CCS, C10-26-09  05:29 pm
Filigree Wideslab 10-26-09  05:23 pm
Londeck over existing LondeckRuss Hinkle, AIA, CD10-20-09  04:35 pm
Pallet Rack SpecRichard A. Rosen, CS10-19-09  02:14 pm
health department approved sealer for fireproofingAnne Whitacre, FCSI 10-15-09  01:49 pm
SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard - MF2004 number?Chris Grimm, CSI, CC10-12-09  08:11 am
GENERIC NAME FOR UNISTRUT OR POWER-STRUTPatrick Boone 15 10-07-09  12:54 pm
In or Out?Colin Gilboy10 10-07-09  09:32 am
SS Door FramesMark Gilligan SE, CS10-02-09  07:50 pm
New Floor Coating 09-28-09  07:27 pm
Two Way Mirrorken hercenberg09-25-09  01:48 pm
2" Rigid Foam Insulation Phil Kabza09-17-09  04:06 pm
Need Some Experienced reports - Valspar vs. PPG DuranarAnne Whitacre, FCSI 09-15-09  02:27 pm
preservative treatment on wood trussesMark Gilligan SE, CS09-14-09  05:59 pm
Drywall TrackMark Gilligan SE, CS09-14-09  03:27 pm
Concrete's New "Gold" StandardNathan Woods, CCCA, 09-11-09  12:31 pm
SpeedfloorMark Gilligan SE, CS09-10-09  12:27 pm
Grass: Artificial vs RealPhil Kabza15 09-05-09  12:34 pm
New ElevatorRalph Liebing, RA, C09-04-09  10:47 am
Sprayed insulation in a return air plenum?Russ Hinkle, AIA, CD19 08-28-09  08:40 am
Amino plast injection foam insulation and formaldehydePhil Kabza08-24-09  05:20 pm
IGCCMark Gilligan SE, CS08-21-09  12:21 am
Polyisocyanurate Insulation R-Valueken hercenberg10 08-20-09  05:19 pm
Masonry cavity drainage matMark Gilligan SE, CS24 08-14-09  06:02 pm
Intumescent Paint for FireproofingMark Gilligan SE, CS08-14-09  01:52 pm
Bath Fitter renovationTim Werbstein, AIA, 08-14-09  09:55 am
communications towerCurt Norton, CSI, CC08-12-09  09:18 pm
Cleanroom Ceiling CoveAnne Whitacre, FCSI 08-12-09  01:47 pm
permanent shotcrete shoringRonald L. Geren, AIA08-12-09  12:47 pm
Saws-all resistant constructionSteven Bruneel, AIA,08-05-09  06:10 pm
Fiberglass EyebrowsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C08-05-09  10:37 am
clear silicone adhesive - glass tileBradJones 08-05-09  07:07 am
Historic Aluminum WindowsRuss Hinkle, AIA, CD08-03-09  11:26 am
Large format GlassDi Ann Hassloch, CSI07-31-09  01:29 pm
Looking for PPG contact phone numberNathan Woods, CCCA, 07-30-09  02:34 pm
dimensional (un)stability of MDFJohn Bunzick, CCS, C07-30-09  08:48 am
Serious Materials: EcoRockWilliam Buchholz, AI07-23-09  04:10 pm
Stucco AccessoriesSheldon Wolfe07-21-09  11:47 pm
Fume HoodsJohn Guill07-21-09  07:35 pm
Urethane groutRalph Liebing, RA, C07-21-09  12:27 pm
"Food-safe" paint and sealantRalph Liebing, RA, C07-15-09  01:41 pm
Coal Tar RoofingRichard L. Hird 15 07-08-09  06:21 pm
Paint strippersVivian Volz, RA, CSI07-07-09  06:09 pm
Waterproofing for Chem Storage PitJ. Peter Jordan07-01-09  10:42 am
Control joints in plasterMark Gilligan SE, CS07-01-09  03:09 am
sliding doors that have an acoustical valueCurt Norton, CSI, CC06-25-09  10:24 pm
Mastic SealantRalph Liebing, RA, C06-24-09  10:20 am
Globe Air DiffuserSteven Bruneel, AIA,06-23-09  01:52 pm
Removable Pavement MarkingsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C06-11-09  03:58 pm
Clear coat on aluminumRichard L Matteo, AI06-10-09  11:50 am
Mortar Net Total FlashEllis C. Whitby, AIA06-09-09  05:11 pm
Anodic or Powder Coat Finish?Wayne Yancey06-09-09  10:36 am
pigeon control under solar panelsRuss Hinkle, AIA, CD06-09-09  08:43 am
Polymeric Joining SandColin Gilboy06-02-09  12:11 pm
NOMINAL STUCCO THICKNESSWayne Yancey05-27-09  05:09 pm
Intermescents; LocationsRichard L Matteo, AI05-26-09  10:48 am
Epoxy Adhesive for Galvanized SteelDave Metzger05-21-09  10:33 am
Thermofilm radiant heat panelsVivian Volz, RA, CSI05-12-09  01:56 pm
Hot-dip Galvanized versus Stainless SteelMark Gilligan SE, CS05-07-09  06:25 pm
Art storage lockers?Steve Taylor05-06-09  06:08 pm
Termite Barrier SandMark Gilligan SE, CS15 05-06-09  05:39 pm
Foam InsulationLisa Goodwin Robbins04-29-09  09:27 am
ASTM for Stablized SandBrian E. Trimble, CD04-27-09  06:59 pm
steel v aluminum tracks for operable partitionsAndysim 04-27-09  08:54 am
EFTEKenton Berry04-23-09  02:15 pm
Mortar and ColorsChristopher E. Grimm04-23-09  02:01 pm
Anti-grafftiSteven Bruneel, AIA,14 04-22-09  03:32 pm
Ceiling Panel Restoration - ProCoatChristopher E. Grimm04-21-09  11:19 am
product for concrete rampWilliam C. Pegues, F04-11-09  05:27 pm
Guardrails for Plastic SkylightsMarc C Chavez04-07-09  04:22 pm
Fire QuiltsColin Gilboy12 04-07-09  10:14 am
Exposed fasteners in metal deckRalph Liebing, RA, C10 03-30-09  06:58 am
insulation in high-moisture areasJohn Bunzick, CCS, C03-26-09  07:05 pm
Slabs-on-gradeRobert W. Johnson22 03-25-09  11:02 am
gravity-defying spray-on insulationWayne Yancey03-24-09  11:18 am
Hollow Metal Windows vs Steel WindowsJ. Peter Jordan03-23-09  12:19 pm
Weeps in Site WallsRon Beard CCS03-19-09  06:59 pm
EPRO Waterproofing SystemGerard Sanchis 03-19-09  09:05 am
Carlisle Structural Insulated PanelsAnne Whitacre, FCSI 03-16-09  03:47 pm
Reccommended product for joints in retaining walls?Mark Gilligan SE, CS03-16-09  03:45 pm
QuietRock soundproofing gypsum boardJohn Bunzick, CCS, C03-16-09  08:40 am
Does anyone have experience with CentiMark Roofing?Phil Kabza03-13-09  04:36 pm
woven wire vs expanded metal diamond meshRalph Liebing, RA, C03-13-09  07:59 am
Overhead Sectional Steel DoorsJohn Regener, AIA, C03-12-09  07:57 pm
Waterproofing balconies in wood constructionCurt Norton, CSI, CC03-11-09  09:43 am
Repair of steel column coversMark Gilligan SE, CS03-09-09  12:39 pm
theatre scene shop flooringCurt Norton, CSI, CC03-09-09  10:25 am
Cotton InsulationAnne Whitacre, FCSI 03-05-09  01:02 pm
INTERIOR SKYLIGHT MAINTENANCEJerome J. Lazar, RA,11 03-04-09  11:28 pm
PT or Not to PTPhil Kabza03-04-09  09:41 pm
Granite Wall Cladding WarrantyRalph Liebing, RA, C03-04-09  07:07 am
Allowable EIFS foam thickness to tripleCurt Norton, CSI, CC16 03-03-09  10:43 pm
Copper coated stainless steelSandy Carter 03-03-09  04:02 pm
ETFE RoofsGeorge A. Everding, 03-02-09  12:33 pm
Toilet Partition Door HingeRalph Liebing, RA, C03-02-09  06:52 am
Copper LouversRonald L. Geren, AIA02-24-09  10:25 am
parking bumper sizeRalph Liebing, RA, C02-24-09  07:28 am
Production of Stainless SteelRichard L Matteo, AI02-19-09  05:25 pm
Design Load Tests for WindowsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C11 02-19-09  02:48 pm
2-way traffic doors with motion sensor openersRalph Liebing, RA, C02-18-09  02:33 pm
Mechanical Equipment Screens 02-18-09  12:53 pm
Spec or Hints on Large Format Tile-Dale Roberts CSI, CC02-17-09  03:39 pm
Lightweight concete - what is it?John Regener, AIA, C02-14-09  02:16 pm
Faux Bronze?Jerome J. Lazar, RA,02-10-09  09:42 am
Vendors In the Loopken hercenberg11 02-09-09  05:25 pm
Blast Resistant WindowsClay Jacobs 02-09-09  04:01 pm
ThermoCromexJerome J. Lazar, RA,02-07-09  01:04 pm
waterproofing for top of masonry parapetDavid Moss 10 02-07-09  11:30 am
How do you, specify glass thicknessRandall A Chapple, A02-05-09  06:02 pm
bullet resistant windowsWayne Yancey02-04-09  05:15 pm
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