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Sample RetentionJohn Bunzick06-29-23  04:15 pm
RFI - information or interpretationMark Gilligan SE, 41 04-12-23  04:33 pm
Substitution Requests going to owner?J. Peter Jordan04-05-23  11:59 am
Looking for Comprehensive List of CA ServicesNathan Woods, CSI, C08-08-22  08:17 pm
REVIEWED OR APPROVED OR NO EXCEPTION TAKENJ. Peter Jordan15 05-14-20  09:10 am
Too many resubmittalsguest 04-04-20  01:29 pm
Reading digital documents on siteMarc Chavez14 01-08-20  12:01 pm
Submittal tracking software?Nathan Woods, CSI, C12-03-19  12:54 pm
Electronic Construction Management System (eCMS)Margaret G. Chewning09-25-19  09:26 am
Tie-breaker?David G. Axt, CCS, C14 08-21-19  11:43 am
Substitution Requests Prior to BidGuest 29 07-19-19  01:45 pm
Liquidated Damagesanon 04-29-19  06:03 pm
Accepting substitutions without my consent.Mark Gilligan SE, 13 04-24-19  03:59 pm
Residential Balcony - Code questionDave Metzger12-04-18  06:07 pm
Notice of Product CertificationJerome J. Lazar, RA,11-07-18  11:02 am
Dispute Resolution BoardsMichael Chusid, RA F10-24-18  04:25 pm
Submittal Review StampSteven Bruneel, AIA,10 05-09-17  05:47 pm
Delegated Designken hercenberg02-17-17  10:52 am
Missing Spec Section in CDsDavid G. Axt, CCS, C10-31-16  08:13 pm
Project Manual changesWilliam C. Pegues, F08-29-16  03:23 pm
Design-Assistanon 14 02-15-16  10:24 pm
GMP pay app form?George A. Everding, 01-18-16  05:20 pm
Notice of Cost/ Schedule ImpactJohn Hunter11-30-15  01:01 pm
Fun with Words: What is a Substitution called, if its an internal ...Ronald L. Geren, FCS11-03-15  12:37 am
CSI's endorsement of ConsensusDocsDeborah Corr 15 10-26-15  12:30 pm
Review of Design-Build DocumentsNathan Woods, CSI, C09-10-15  02:55 pm
Contract ModificationsMark Gilligan SE, 23 05-29-15  03:30 pm
Tracking how CCA has saved the Client moneyWayne Yancey05-11-15  02:45 pm
CA with Owner's ConsultantsMark Gilligan SE, 05-08-15  01:06 pm
Digital CA proceduresNathan Woods, CSI, C19 03-30-15  11:55 am
PCI vs APASteve Gantner, CSI, 12-22-14  10:44 am
Submittal Review ChecklistDave Metzger10 11-10-14  10:14 am
punch list softwareNathan Woods, CSI, C10-01-14  02:07 pm
Contractor's Overhead and ProfitAnne Whitacre, FCSI 13 09-25-14  07:45 pm
CA Record KeepingNathan Woods, CSI, C09-18-14  02:15 pm
Electronic Bid Documents Deposituser 08-26-14  02:34 pm
Roof warranty submitted for much lower wind speed than performance ...Chris Grimm, CSI, CC19 08-21-14  07:25 pm
Reject vs Revise and ResubmitChristopher Borcsok21 07-09-14  06:32 pm
Delegated Design issuesMichael Chusid15 06-14-14  07:17 pm
Submittal Review & Independant SpecifiersJerome J. Lazar, RA,06-03-14  05:28 pm
When did they change design phase nomenclature?Alan Mays, AIA18 05-27-14  04:35 pm
Submittal Exchange & similar systemsChris Grimm, CSI, CC05-12-14  12:35 pm
Handling Submittals from Manufacturers Who Bought Out Other CompaniesRonald L. Geren, FCS11 02-19-14  12:04 pm
ASID ContractsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C11-21-13  03:30 pm
Temporary Air ConditioningJ. Peter Jordan10-14-13  02:16 pm
Document RetentionTemwani CM 10-08-13  03:34 am
Informational SubmittalsAnne Whitacre, FCSI 64 09-17-13  12:29 pm
Trimless diffusersSheldon Wolfe08-02-13  05:01 pm
Contractor's Panelization DrawingsMark Gilligan SE, 14 05-20-13  05:07 pm
New York City Code ChangesJ. Peter Jordan04-12-13  11:17 am
Exiting from one use group through anotherRonald L. Geren, AIA11 02-07-13  03:41 pm
Fabrication SamplesJohn Bunzick, CCS, C01-24-13  01:00 pm
Stair code issueRichard Gonser AIA C12-13-12  11:08 am
ADA obstructions Margaret G. Chewning11-30-12  10:19 am
Using the iPhone in Field CAAlan Mays, AIA17 11-29-12  07:57 pm
RFQ/P QuestionPaul Sweet 08-15-12  02:08 pm
Clerk of the WorksGeorge A. Everding, 08-13-12  12:46 pm
Stamped/Signed Shop Drawingsa 06-22-12  07:31 pm
Reminiscing about the 'good old days'ken hercenberg15 05-23-12  06:06 pm
iPad apps for Construction Admin'sDon Harris CSI, CCS,03-13-12  09:38 am
Delay Changes Negating Early Completion Bonus?Dave Metzger03-12-12  10:29 pm
Are submittals contract documents?Marc C Chavez13 03-06-12  11:21 am
Two Different CSI Substitution Request FormsHelaine K. Robinson 01-05-12  05:55 pm
Guardrail Height IssueMojo 16 10-24-11  01:17 pm
Gym floor relative humidityPhil Kabza20 08-23-11  10:04 pm
Mock-Up PhotosRonald L. Geren, AIA06-09-11  03:15 pm
Submittals and Record DocumentsMark Gilligan SE, 01-05-11  02:10 am
RFI or CIS?Ellis C. Whitby, AIA01-03-11  09:09 am
Substantial Completion punch list?Anne Whitacre, FCSI 24 12-31-10  06:10 pm
Should the OPR and BoD be included in the Project Manual?ken hercenberg12-21-10  12:48 pm
Issuing change documents 25 11-08-10  10:33 am
Are Written Change Order Requirements Still Relevant? 09-13-10  04:35 pm
Commissioning vs Construction AdministrationBrian E. Trimble, CD11 09-07-10  02:47 pm
Authority of Owner's Testing AgencyJohn Bunzick, CCS, C05-19-10  02:02 pm
New Delivery Method - Multiple Prime Without a GCJ. Peter Jordan11 01-05-10  12:19 pm
Inspection of Painted Gypsum Board SurfacesRobert W. Johnson12-27-09  10:59 am
Grout not all the way to the top of the tileDavid Axt, AIA, CCS,12-20-09  05:30 pm
Approving Engineers SubmittalsMark Gilligan SE, CS11-12-09  05:19 pm
Punch List Checklist 09-23-09  03:14 pm
ArchivingEllis C. Whitby, AIA05-11-09  09:48 am
Construction Administration salaries 10-02-08  03:24 pm
How high are YOUR eyes?Bob Woodburn, RA CSI17 09-09-08  04:13 pm
Including Photographs in Field ReportsNathan Woods, CCCA, 09-04-08  04:58 pm
Newforma project management softwareJohn Hunter08-18-08  01:22 pm
MasterFormat 2004 - from the battleground...What are YOU doing?Philip R. Carpenter 27 08-15-08  07:32 pm
Digital SubmittalsWilliam C. Pegues, F07-24-08  11:13 am
substitution request formDavid J. Wyatt20 06-12-08  02:07 pm
If only Construction was like this....Nathan Woods, CCCA, 06-09-08  12:48 pm
Definitions: Substitution and Comparable ProductJohn Hunter11 05-27-08  03:27 pm
AIA DOCUMENT G704Nathan Woods, CCCA, 05-21-08  05:31 pm
CA SoftwareAnonymous05-02-08  10:38 am
Retrofit ShowersNathan Woods, CCCA, 04-10-08  11:49 am
Ceiling grid repairJohn Bunzick, CCS, C02-05-08  09:02 am
PreBid Site Visits vs. ADARon Beard CCS01-27-08  08:42 pm
Sealing pipe penetrationsWayne Yancey01-24-08  03:37 pm
Field FeedbackWayne Yancey16 01-10-08  12:11 pm
Electronic SubmittalsMark Gilligan SE, CS12-08-07  03:24 pm
New AIA Documents - 2007Brett M. Wilbur CSI,12-05-07  02:37 pm
Curious phrasing for CA Academy advertisementJohn Bunzick, CCS, C11-07-07  08:11 am
Maintenance BondLynn Javoroski CSI C10-22-07  12:44 pm
Self-employed Construction Contract Administrators?Nathan Woods, CCCA, 11 10-10-07  05:50 pm
terminology - Contract "Administration"? Anonymous12 10-10-07  05:38 pm
Getting the Contractor to close out the projectDavid Axt, AIA, CCS,22 10-03-07  01:45 pm
Damaged Rooftop HVAC UnitsDavid Axt, AIA, CCS,09-20-07  01:15 pm
Principal versus associateWilliam C. Pegues, F16 09-15-07  09:06 pm
Terrorists using our drawings?Marc C Chavez10 08-13-07  11:48 am
Small fast track jobDavid J. Wyatt08-02-07  09:44 am
Cavity Drainage MaterialBrian E. Trimble, CD13 06-28-07  12:34 pm
Lightweight concrete cure timeRobert W. Johnson15 06-25-07  02:57 pm
Digital RFI'sNathan Woods, CCCA, 04-26-07  03:32 pm
Alternates selected during constructionTom Good architect C04-14-07  09:33 am
Incorrectly accept a substitutionMark Gilligan SE, CS04-06-07  12:19 pm
Should Architect help Contractor repair?Randy Cox03-29-07  07:32 am
Ethics of Rejecting a SubstitutionGeorge A. Everding, 17 03-26-07  05:36 pm
Definition of "dry in"David R. Combs, CSI,03-22-07  09:12 am
Annual gross/net profitsAnonymous03-16-07  01:56 pm
Document ReviewersDavid J. Wyatt14 03-12-07  10:57 am
Gypsum board ceiling is cracking...Anonymous02-21-07  12:42 pm
Contract Administrator NeededRonald L. Geren, RA,02-06-07  04:13 pm
Hoisting under Separate Prime ContractsAnne Whitacre, FCSI 01-02-07  04:33 pm
Life Cycle Cost AnalysisTobin Oruch, CDT11-20-06  03:16 pm
Incomplete Substitution Request FormNathan Woods, CCCA L10 10-31-06  12:39 pm
Architect's stamp on consultant's submittals?Patrick Bandy13 10-19-06  04:56 pm
Shop Drawing Review -Reducing response timeNathan Woods, CCCA10-05-06  04:47 pm
Owner slow to install their equipmentTom Peck09-27-06  10:51 am
In situ moisture testing for wood panelsAnonymous09-25-06  04:37 pm
Warranty from Date of ManufactureShedrick E. Glass, C09-07-06  09:44 am
RILEM Water Absorption Test ProceduresTobin Oruch, CDT09-05-06  02:45 pm
Bind Bond Amount and AlternatesDavid R. Combs, CSI,08-29-06  05:29 pm
Staggered Substantial Completion DatesGeorge A. Everding, 08-21-06  03:45 pm
Architects liable for cost overruns?!John Bunzick, CCS, C32 08-14-06  09:31 am
AIA Reccommendations on Contruction Contingency Amounts?Anonymous08-10-06  01:52 pm
Worker SafetyNathan Woods, CCCA07-31-06  11:00 am
Legal Ramifictions of email correspondence during CARuss Hinkle, AIA, CC07-07-06  04:16 pm
What is the "bond" for a warehouse?Marc C Chavez07-06-06  05:14 pm
Physical AssaultJohn Bunzick, CCS, C05-19-06  09:41 am
Owner directed productsTom Peck21 05-08-06  06:06 pm
Design Team ProceduresRalph Liebing, RA, C10 05-08-06  07:03 am
Periodic Field ReportsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C04-27-06  08:48 am
Flood Testing of RoofsWilliam C. Pegues, F04-18-06  10:21 am
Games that Contractors PlayGeorge A. Everding, 35 04-10-06  12:33 pm
O&M ManualsWayne Yancey03-20-06  03:32 pm
Coordination DrawingsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C03-20-06  09:27 am
CAD Drawings Used as Shop DrawingsMark Gilligan SE, CS17 03-17-06  02:36 am
Construction CleaningGeorge A. Everding, 03-02-06  06:08 pm
Product SamplesJonathan Miller CCS 02-13-06  01:49 pm
Keep Owner from changing the design?Robert W. Johnson12-30-05  02:23 pm
Superintendents and Close-out IssuesC. R. Mudgeon12-29-05  04:20 pm
RFI, email question, or meeting minute item?John Bunzick, CCS, C11 12-09-05  07:05 pm
Contractor keeping the architect busy.Nathan Woods, CCCA12-01-05  08:41 pm
Special WarrantiesLeon Ruch, RA, CSI, 11-23-05  01:24 pm
Where can I find this product you specified?Anne Whitacre, CCS C11-14-05  06:21 pm
Long lead time excuseJ. Peter Jordan13 11-14-05  03:05 pm
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