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Ralph Liebing, RA, CSI, CDT
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Posted on Wednesday, December 23, 2009 - 07:03 am:   Edit PostDelete PostPrint Post

by Ralph Liebing, RA, CSI, CDT

CSI- Continue Seeking Initiatives

New year coming; new starts; new vision; new directions? Without forgetting what new came to us in 2009, we now make comment and offer suggestions for revising and upgrading some of the programs now in-place and some noted but lingering.

1. Review how the new strategic alliances benefited CSI both nationally and locally. What have allied organizations done specifically for CSI? Have the allied organizations endorsed CSI’s certification programs? Are the allied organizations actively promoting CSI in their publications? Need we review the existing alliances and learn how to improve our approach to new and existing ones? Is the real need expansion of CSI’s purview, perspective and reach?

2. Establish new and revised guidelines for directly and strongly taking CSI, its programs, its cause, documents, support, and resources to academia- faculty and students. Take CSI services, programs, and personnel for specifications instruction to local colleges and universities; encourage and support strong local chapter efforts in this direction to expand the purview of CSI and take the word of CSI to new exposures-- prior to office exposure and CDT. CSI will benefit by having young people coming into the professions AND CSI with a better understanding of all construction documents and creating better relations to foster new interest in specification writing in young professionals; and a desire to become members of CSI to utilize it resources and programs. Initiate program to transition and establish CSI as the “construction industries’ document and communications resource”!

3. Work to make the CSI web site even better, and Forums in particular, for prompter response and easier access and use; continue to resolve individual issues promptly. Also, how about better public access? Include a permanent, public area in CSI’s website (www.csinet.org) highlighting articles on the need for good construction documentation (including specs), design and construction quality, and how the role of the specifier, product representative, designer (architect and engineer), construction administrator, and owner contribute to that goal. This might involve focusing information in fewer places and gaining easier access. The Institute website is a most valuable asset for CSI as it evolves and becomes more expansive, user-friendly and responsive.

4. Expand exposure to, awareness of, benefit of, and advertising for the certification programs to other outlets, resources and organizations, that can and will benefit from participating in them. Change from the concept of “CSI-only” programs to offerings that affect and benefit many others in the industry, just as the CCPR program does now. By offering a service to others, CSI will gain prestige, influence, and credibility, along with increased revenue.

5. Continue to refine the testing programs with better question creation, better cohesion, and faster distribution of grades. Create early-education [prior to CDT] to orient, familiarize and attract new participants according to their present need to know about contract drawings and specifications!

The “lingerers”!
a. The program outlined above would help others see how training and organizational materials developed by CSI play an important element in that goal. CSI could then market and promote this information to design firms, other professional organizations, code officials, and owners. We know it's hard to sell “creative” people the idea that standards are good and helpful. However, they are a necessary part of how we communicate.

b. Designate an ombudsman at the highest level of Institute to speak for and carry the messages of the members to the Board and staff, a person with the facility and authorization to express the thoughts of members where that information would do the most good to produce results. The Member Services Department works well in answering relatively basic questions, but does not have the ability to resolve some of the issues that are addressed to them.

There are more ideas and issues that have been discussed within our forum—too many for the short expression of grass roots insight offered here. But, if WE are proud of what we do, then we need to put it out there; and if we value what we offer, then other people will value it too. CSI and “WE” have much to offer; it just needs to be made visible with more flair in the packaging. Let’s make some really “new” progress in CSI in 2010-- new vision; new efforts; new ideas and new solutions!

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