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Concrete or Forensic Concrete ExpertsDavid G. Axt, CDT, C06-12-24  12:05 pm
Painting TileRonald J. Ray, RA, C06-02-24  08:20 pm
Leather tile?Dave Metzger05-15-24  11:49 am
Integral water repellents in CMUken hercenberg05-03-24  02:17 pm
TYVEK and PFASRobin E. Snyder02-28-24  11:31 am
Hufcorken hercenberg02-13-24  10:18 am
Armstrong Simplesoffitken hercenberg02-02-24  12:56 pm
Agrifiber doorsDavid G. Axt, CDT, C12-04-23  06:04 pm
Questionable Manufacturer TricksDave Metzger11 11-30-23  09:32 pm
To our manufacturer colleaguesken hercenberg11-29-23  09:25 am
Fiber cement siding trim?Edward J Dueppen, RA11-14-23  05:20 pm
Roofing for Island project - need suggestionsPhil Kabza11-07-23  05:05 pm
Is Hufcor back?John Bunzick10-20-23  05:00 pm
AWS Panel Cores Material for Casework Gradesken hercenberg10-17-23  04:09 pm
Foam tile backer board?David G. Axt, CDT, C10-16-23  05:53 pm
Parking gates?ken hercenberg08-07-23  06:57 pm
Formulated Materials Treadstone products?ken hercenberg07-18-23  06:23 pm
Kovara MembranesStephen Wilson06-20-23  11:48 am
New roller shade manufacturerWilliam C. Pegues, F06-12-23  06:59 pm
Care for exterior marbleLoretta Sheridan05-30-23  11:42 am
All glass interior partitions and doorsEdward J Dueppen, RA05-19-23  10:08 am
Wood Veneer Paneling DiscolorationMitchel Taylor, CSI,05-18-23  12:31 pm
Additional pad under pedestals?David G. Axt, CDT, C12 05-17-23  07:52 pm
Moisture testing for gypcreteJohn Hunter05-16-23  03:08 pm
Glass Shinglesken hercenberg05-09-23  12:29 pm
Kitchen appliance manufacturersPhil Kabza04-28-23  10:07 am
Two-part polyaspartic coatingJohn Bunzick04-27-23  03:55 pm
Blinds in between glassJames Sandoz, AIA, C04-17-23  08:39 am
Clear, Class A fire protective coating for exterior CLT??ken hercenberg04-11-23  07:41 pm
Vapor barrier above or below the insulation?RH 04-01-23  06:25 pm
Storefront in a smoke partitionCurt Norton, CSI, CC03-29-23  09:15 am
Golf Simulator EquipmentMargaret G. Chewning03-21-23  12:59 pm
Update on Armstrong FlooringDavid G. Axt, CDT, C02-28-23  12:18 pm
What do you call these masonry recessed furring strips?James Sandoz, AIA, C02-20-23  10:15 am
Barrier One David G. Axt, CDT, C15 02-16-23  08:05 pm
Heavy Duty Adjustable Bracketstracy_van_niel 02-15-23  03:17 pm
Great Stuff Window & Door Foam used below grade.Jeffrey Potter02-09-23  11:14 am
Help with existing cladding on 1980's buildingRuss Hinkle, AIA, CD02-07-23  04:29 pm
PVC Termination BarBrian E. Trimble, CD02-07-23  10:14 am
Brick Figuring?Margaret G. Chewning01-23-23  04:41 pm
TESLA SOLAR ROOFWayne Yancey01-09-23  06:45 pm
LLumar Window Film Experience?ken hercenberg01-04-23  12:32 pm
LOOKING FOR SECTION 118119 - VACUUM CLEANING SYSTEMSPhil Kabza11-06-22  11:35 am
Looking for a Fire Rated Glass Automatic Sliding DoorColin Gilboy11-04-22  01:38 pm
Toilet Partitions - HDPE vs PhenolicRobert Buck 31 10-28-22  10:50 am
Rock Climbing WallJohn Hunter10-26-22  01:35 pm
Heat Soaked GlassBrian Payne42 09-30-22  04:54 pm
Bye Bye Firestoneken hercenberg10 09-15-22  03:14 pm
Vinyl Drywall Trimken hercenberg09-12-22  04:28 pm
Duracrylken hercenberg09-08-22  06:07 pm
Hufcorken hercenberg08-22-22  11:40 am
OH Sectional Door with Pass DoorBrian Payne08-06-22  11:21 am
Glass mineral wool insulation?!ken hercenberg08-04-22  05:25 pm
Urethane or PVDF or FEVEChris Grimm, CSI, CC10 07-21-22  04:30 pm
Armstrong FlooringLisa Goodwin Robbins07-20-22  08:44 am
Service Corridor Wall ProtectionNathan Woods, CSI, C07-05-22  11:49 am
1-3/4" thick STC55 Steel DoorJohn Bunzick15 07-02-22  03:14 pm
Gypsum / insulation board?Brian Payne11 06-27-22  12:48 pm
Water Rey?David G. Axt, CCS, C05-04-22  08:22 pm
Folding panel partition manufacturer issuesT.J. Simons, CSI, CC04-18-22  05:54 pm
Residential concrete polishing 16 03-04-22  09:35 am
Allura fiber cement sidingken hercenberg03-02-22  04:50 pm
Luminous Egress MarkingsRichard Fost AIA, CS02-17-22  03:27 pm
Parklex ProdemaSteven Bruneel, AIA,02-17-22  03:08 pm
Sound Isolation Booth Manuf RecomendationsMichael Chusid, RA F02-02-22  03:27 pm
Armstrong bought Mannington's VCT business and then shut it downChris Grimm, CSI, CC13 01-27-22  05:13 pm
Auto EntrancesDan Helphrey11-02-21  05:37 pm
Phenolic Insulation Board for Cavity Walls 13 10-29-21  02:58 pm
Green wallMichael Chusid, RA F13 10-17-21  03:12 pm
Total FlashBrian Payne10-08-21  10:32 am
Henry Air-bloc 31/33ken hercenberg10-01-21  10:49 am
Lamina stucco?Lynn Javoroski FCSI 09-09-21  03:34 pm
Apogee is making some changesken hercenberg08-12-21  02:51 pm
RhinoBond Roof SystemsMark Gilligan SE, 24 07-29-21  04:38 pm
Mineral Wool ILO Fiberglass BattDavid G. Axt, CCS, C41 07-23-21  01:54 pm
Concrete sealers resistant to hair dyeMichael Chusid, RA F07-19-21  07:12 pm
Safety Glazing Label Required in Elevators?Guest 10 07-07-21  05:33 pm
Casework Continuous HingeAnon 07-06-21  07:45 pm
acetylated wood?Marc Chavez11 06-23-21  06:19 pm
SYNTHETIC GYPSUM BOARDBrian Stewart Kloack14 06-16-21  11:50 am
MDF Shortage?David J. Wyatt, CDT06-14-21  01:24 pm
Loading Dock Yard GateBrian Payne06-08-21  03:43 pm
Intumescent over spray applied fireproofingLynn Javoroski FCSI 12 05-27-21  08:52 pm
Frameless Mirror with Mastic InstallationDave Metzger18 04-30-21  07:51 am
Artificial Turf assistanceMargaret G. Chewning04-28-21  10:45 am
Stage door?Phil Babinec13 04-27-21  11:51 am
ISO Visually appealing insulated sectional doorWayne Yancey04-27-21  11:35 am
HPL Toilet Compartments and delaminationPhil Kabza04-24-21  02:21 pm
HM Frame/Door RecommendationGeorge A. Everding, 03-31-21  05:48 pm
Diurnal Temperature RangeLisa Goodwin Robbins03-25-21  04:37 pm
Kawneer submittal issuesken hercenberg02-19-21  09:06 pm
DensDeck Prime updateRobin E. Snyder02-18-21  10:06 pm
Warranty for Tile/Stone FlooringEdward J Dueppen, RA14 02-15-21  05:34 pm
RS Systems Group gel waterproofingRonald J. Ray, RA, C02-05-21  02:10 pm
Rounded corner aluminum framing Rich Gonser01-28-21  05:23 pm
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