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Searching for a "positively anchored" roof paverMark Gilligan SE, 08-23-20  04:52 am
Tectum decks are no longer FM approvedMarc Chavez08-07-20  06:37 pm
Attaching shingles to something other than plywoodanon 07-28-20  05:16 pm
Mineral Wool ILO Fiberglass BattEd Storer34 07-12-20  07:30 pm
Bituminous coatings in grouted framesEd Storer07-12-20  07:01 pm
Storefront, Doors, and Windows for Psychiatric FacilitiesGuest 12 06-26-20  01:50 pm
Interior Gym/Fitness TurfJohn Bunzick06-02-20  04:51 pm
Eisenwall vs. standard 3-coat stuccoJeffrey Potter05-19-20  10:16 am
COVID Effects on Construction/Prodcut AvailabilityRon Beard04-21-20  05:59 pm
Ardex PC-T "Polished Concrete Topping"Phil Babinec04-21-20  03:53 pm
DensElement vs. Exoairanon 27 04-15-20  11:53 pm
COMPOSITE WOOD CLADDINGJerome J. Lazar, CCS03-17-20  04:40 pm
Glass GuardrailMarc Chavez02-19-20  12:15 pm
retro-fit elevators?Margaret G. Chewning02-04-20  04:09 pm
Heat Soaked GlassChris Grimm, CSI, CC35 01-13-20  10:14 am
Concrete SealerEd Storer12-04-19  03:16 pm
Restricting the arms overhead door closersWayne Yancey11-18-19  01:29 pm
UL 1784 compliant Aluminum Storefront DoorJ. Peter Jordan 11-07-19  12:24 pm
Integrated Door AssembliesPhil Kabza11-03-19  03:55 pm
CONCRETE BLOCK FIRE RATINGRonald L. Geren, FCS15 10-31-19  05:48 pm
Fall arrest anchors - bidder design?Mark Gilligan SE, 10-31-19  03:59 pm
Kool-AidJames Sandoz, AIA, C12 10-29-19  08:46 am
Sapele WoodEd Storer10-15-19  04:30 pm
Mineral Wool Board Roof Insulationken hercenberg09-29-19  02:05 pm
Manufacturer review of spec sectionsE.A. 09-25-19  01:24 pm
Stair nosings and concreteDave Metzger09-18-19  11:38 am
Interior Steel Stud SplicingMark Gilligan SE, 10 09-17-19  06:04 pm
ODOR TREATMENT TO DISSIPATE URINESheldon Wolfe09-14-19  01:15 am
will mold grow on PolyIso?Greta Eckhardt09-12-19  08:08 am
Problems with self-expanding waterstops.ken hercenberg09-11-19  08:12 pm
Paintable Acoustical SealantsEd Storer11 09-11-19  06:20 pm
FLEXIBLE WIND ABATEMENT BARRIERJames Sandoz, AIA, C09-11-19  09:10 am
Densglass vs. Exterior Gyp RockJames Sandoz, AIA, C23 09-04-19  08:39 am
Tnemec AerolonWilliam C. Pegues13 08-29-19  11:48 pm
Exposed ceiling insulation in helicopter hangarEd Storer10 08-29-19  02:31 pm
Masonry Veneer System - thin brickEd Storer08-29-19  02:17 pm
Clear finish for wood stair treads?Ed Storer15 08-29-19  01:46 pm
Epoxy nosing filler?J. Peter Jordan08-28-19  05:25 pm
Thermally broken wood studsJ. Peter Jordan20 08-27-19  10:19 am
Trespa AlternativesDan Helphrey07-31-19  07:05 pm
Thermocromex AgainJerome J. Lazar, CDT07-22-19  04:55 pm
Exterior Concrete Topping Phil Babinec06-28-19  10:48 am
Does Non-Shrink Grout CrackMark Gilligan SE, 06-20-19  12:50 am
Ceiling fans?Dan Helphrey06-05-19  12:56 pm
Extreme Cold Weather SealantsWilliam C. Pegues05-31-19  03:27 pm
Silicone WaterproofingAn 21 05-02-19  12:57 pm
Clear Gloss Sealer for ConcreteDewayne Dean05-02-19  12:35 pm
ADA Door Chime/Strobe Michael Chusid, RA F05-01-19  03:15 pm
Avitru Acquired by DeltekAnne Whitacre, FCSI 10 04-25-19  08:47 pm
Magnesium Oxide Based Exterior Wall ProductsGreta Eckhardt19 04-25-19  01:24 pm
Monolithic Exterior Vision GlassBrett Scarfino 04-25-19  10:30 am
Why is Densglass Gold Product so PrevalentDavid G. Axt, CCS, C04-23-19  03:49 pm
Huber Zip SystemPhil Kabza04-23-19  03:17 pm
Concrete Topping over Hot WP MembraneWilliam C. Pegues22 04-21-19  04:36 pm
Gyp Rockanon 04-19-19  12:07 pm
Exterior Wall Envelope Estimator Commercial ConstructionMichael Chusid, RA F04-17-19  07:52 pm
Flush Wood Doors and FinishesLisa Goodwin Robbins04-17-19  11:42 am
Cast Stone vs Precast Concrete Ext MouldingsJerome J. Lazar, CCS03-31-19  06:47 pm
Tiered Access FlooringMichael Chusid, RA F03-16-19  07:02 pm
spray-on acoustic cellulose insulationAnne Whitacre, FCSI 03-08-19  01:40 pm
Concrete stair treads - cast-in-place or pre-cast?Anne Whitacre, FCSI 10 03-08-19  01:36 pm
Marble Threshold or SaddleMichael Chusid, RA F15 02-22-19  04:50 pm
Oregon DoorsEdward J Dueppen, RA20 01-30-19  12:00 pm
'Floating' membranes for resilient substratesDan Helphrey11 01-29-19  02:40 pm
Hydraulic CementDan Helphrey11 01-29-19  02:28 pm
Silicone and Asphaltic resin material incompatibility ken hercenberg01-24-19  02:32 pm
ANODIZE ALUMINUMBrett Scarfino 01-24-19  09:27 am
WINDOW TREATMENT SAFETYDon Harris CSI, CCS,01-23-19  04:36 pm
Changes Page 2019Anonymous 01-08-19  11:08 am
Armstrong bought Mannington's VCT business and then shut it downChris Grimm, CSI, CC12 01-04-19  02:15 pm
Plam Toilet PartitionsDon Harris CSI, CCS,01-03-19  01:43 pm
PVC drywall trimRonald L. Geren, FCS11-19-18  10:36 am
Vertical Lift Gates?Guest 11-13-18  05:57 pm
Back Buttering Exterior Porcelain Wall TileBrian E. Trimble, CD11-05-18  02:44 pm
BUY AMERICANSheldon Wolfe10-25-18  02:04 am
Snow Guard/Rail for Batten Seam RoofDavid J. Wyatt, CDT11 10-17-18  04:21 pm
CLASS A DEFINITIONGuest 10-04-18  02:06 pm
SIGA weather barriers?a 09-27-18  08:05 pm
Mother of Pearl TileJerome J. Lazar, RA,09-26-18  09:26 am
"Lamel" floor. Michael Chusid, RA F09-15-18  04:03 pm
Concrete Balcony TreatmentDewayne Dean11 09-13-18  09:47 am
Glass Sectional PSFGreta Eckhardt09-11-18  08:22 am
Is DCOF of flooring a Code requirement or?Brian E. Trimble, CD08-29-18  02:05 pm
PT CONCRETE FAILUREJerome J. Lazar, RA,08-29-18  01:04 pm
Major concerns re: Composite vs. Non-Composite Archjitectural Insul...Wayne Yancey12 08-29-18  11:05 am
Anti-graffiti coating for wood?David G. Axt, CCS, C08-23-18  04:04 pm
Display CasesDave Metzger08-18-18  06:21 pm
Fire Command Center Work Table for High RisesMichael Chusid, RA F10 08-15-18  05:49 pm
NFPA 285 vs. Air BarriersPaul Sweet 15 08-13-18  12:38 pm
Kalwall vs. Major IndustriesLouis Medcalf, FCSI,07-24-18  04:19 pm
blocking / mineral core wood doorsBrian Payne, AIA07-19-18  05:11 pm
GIBSON WALL BOARDJerome J. Lazar, RA,18 07-18-18  03:59 pm
bamboo flooringanon 07-11-18  12:14 pm
Markings on Tempered GlassGeorge A. Everding, 14 07-10-18  05:34 pm
DensElement - Thoughts? Feedback? Experiences?John Bunzick, CCS, C16 07-06-18  04:04 pm
Replacement WindowsGreta Eckhardt07-03-18  03:35 pm
specification for artificial turfWayne Yancey06-29-18  12:43 pm
Kingspan TopdekElias Saltz, CSI, CC06-28-18  12:38 pm
Treated wood in roof assemblies.Edward J Dueppen, RA06-27-18  08:45 am
PG enclosure: Aluminum chain link versus aluminum screenJerome J. Lazar, RA,17 06-22-18  11:54 pm
Shaw LokDots carpet adhesiveSteven Bruneel, AIA,05-26-18  07:06 pm
Decorative Window FilmChris Grimm, CSI, CC20 05-24-18  10:08 pm
Laser Cut Stainless Steel Panel RailingsWayne Yancey05-21-18  01:05 pm
Concrete vs Steel Stairsken hercenberg05-02-18  05:12 pm
How does porcelain tile fail?Dale Roberts CSI, CC04-12-18  02:45 pm
Aluminum Thru Wall Scupper QuestionJerome J. Lazar, RA,17 04-06-18  11:39 am
Linseed oil-based paintPaul Sweet 13 04-05-18  12:36 pm
Serco loading dock equipmentWayne Yancey03-29-18  04:33 pm
Toilet Partitions - HDPE vs PhenolicRobert E. Woodburn, 30 03-19-18  01:52 pm
"Keyed" Hardwood Edge for wood doorsWilliam C. Pegues03-07-18  02:31 pm
Acoustical Ceiling Panel or Tile RevisitedSheldon Wolfe16 03-05-18  10:46 pm
XPS v EPS in vegetated roof assemblyBrett Scarfino 25 03-01-18  04:25 pm
Sealing GFRC JointsJerome J. Lazar, RA,02-28-18  06:10 pm
One-Coat PlasterWayne Yancey02-28-18  02:43 pm
Snow Filter for Mechanical Unit Fresh Air IntakeJeff Williams RA02-13-18  01:32 pm
Vinyl Wall Covering & IBC 1209.2.2 (Men Have Bad Aim Code)...Michael Chusid, RA F02-12-18  02:14 pm
Resinous flooring manufacturers for VA projectChris Sanders02-09-18  02:00 pm
Non-Structural Metal FramingMark Gilligan SE, 20 01-23-18  02:20 pm
Pocket door specification requestSheldon Wolfe01-10-18  12:05 pm
Sheet Vinyl PerformanceGreta Eckhardt 01-08-18  12:51 pm
Decorative overlays or toppings to Single Ply PVC roof?Phil Kabza01-02-18  12:40 pm
ALF: COMMUNICATION SPECS, ET ALMichael Chusid, RA F12-30-17  02:29 am
SECTION 073133 - COMPOSITE RUBBER SHINGLESWayne Yancey12-21-17  05:49 pm
Let's talk TPO roofing for a minuteAnne Whitacre, FCSI 12-12-17  06:08 pm
has anyone had experience with Stonewood?J. Peter Jordan12-12-17  07:32 am
Arizona Tile Co.Ronald L. Geren, FCS12-07-17  12:17 am
Dow Perimate Not Available - what do you specify for below grade ve...Paul Sweet 12-05-17  12:30 pm
Looking for a Composite Wood Product Jeffrey Wilson CSI C12-04-17  11:34 am
Traffic and Zone Marking PaintGuest 11-29-17  11:20 am
Trespa.com - anyone else having problems with this? ken hercenberg11-12-17  09:55 pm
Moisture Mitigation coatings for concrete slabs -- againGuest 10 11-10-17  07:35 pm
Porcelain Marker BoardsJ. Peter Jordan10-27-17  04:22 pm
Equivalent studsken hercenberg21 10-27-17  04:17 pm
Powder coating Door HardwareWilliam C. Pegues10-24-17  07:36 pm
Lead coated copper mixing with aluminum and childrenDavid Sisson10-24-17  02:57 pm
Perforated hat channel?Nathan Woods, CSI, C10-23-17  02:25 pm
Fiberglass (or comparable) Floor Access Hatchken hercenberg10-17-17  08:45 am
Can Vinyl Windows be used in a Fire Rated Wall?J. Peter Jordan16 10-16-17  09:13 am
roof laddersMichael Chusid, RA F17 10-11-17  04:46 pm
Retractable Canopy SpecificationDavid G. Axt, CCS, C10-11-17  01:26 pm
Lead FlashingJerome J. Lazar, RA,10-03-17  01:25 pm
Green GirtJeff Potter 14 09-29-17  11:05 am
All Glass Doors in Stainless Steel FramesDave Metzger09-28-17  04:12 pm
ASPHALT PAVEMENT SEALERken hercenberg09-18-17  03:24 pm
Rebuilding after Hurricane HarveyPhil Kabza11 09-13-17  05:14 pm
Glass Elevator Lobby Doors meeting UL 1784Brian Payne, AIA09-11-17  09:54 am
Extra Large Ceiling Access panelsSteven Bruneel, AIA,09-05-17  03:28 pm
accessible sidewalk grate/hatchDave Metzger09-04-17  04:57 pm
Pivot Door HardwareJohn Hunter08-16-17  09:40 am
Hydro-Blok Shower and backer boardRobin E. Snyder08-10-17  05:02 pm
Crystal WindowsRobin E. Snyder08-09-17  12:44 pm
High Density Wood Fiber -Roof Cover boardDavid J. Wyatt, CDT08-07-17  05:27 pm
NFPA 101 vs !BC and ADAAnne Whitacre, FCSI 07-31-17  08:36 pm
Transfer station floorGuest 07-19-17  11:37 pm
Parking Garage Ceiling Insulation/vapor retarderMichael Chusid, RA F07-14-17  07:31 pm
AISI S220 in lieu of ASTM C 645ken hercenberg11 07-12-17  04:09 pm
Microbicidal coatingsDavid J. Wyatt, CDT07-12-17  09:09 am
Parapet Wall CapLouis Medcalf, FCSI,06-26-17  04:20 pm
Ceramic tile over access flooring?Ann Sobiech Munson, 06-22-17  01:19 pm
Radon from ConcreteBrett Scarfino 15 06-20-17  09:13 am
McNear Thin BrickColin Gilboy06-19-17  05:20 pm
access flooring over wood substrateMichael Chusid, RA F06-15-17  08:14 am
Unequal Pair of Doors with Fixed LeafRonald L. Geren, FCS16 06-14-17  12:21 pm
Spray-Lock SCP 327?Justatim10 06-08-17  07:31 am
Kawneer product dataChris Sanders05-30-17  03:35 pm
Specifying TinJames Sandoz, AIA, C16 05-24-17  04:24 pm
Gym wall padding locations?Lisa Goodwin Robbins23 05-19-17  08:51 am
ROCK CLIMBING WALLSPhil Kabza05-15-17  09:40 pm
Art Murals over Existing ConstructionJohn Bunzick, CCS, C05-15-17  11:57 am
Anti-graffiti coating for corten steel?David G. Axt, CCS, C10 05-12-17  01:01 pm
AIRLITE PAINTJames Sandoz, AIA, C04-13-17  09:25 am
Clear concrete sealer for kitchen floor?ken hercenberg10 04-11-17  03:38 pm
Boric AcidScott McIntosh-Mize04-07-17  07:02 pm
Continuous edge grip for MCM panel installationWalter Broner04-07-17  11:14 am
Tapered Polyiso Roof InsulationGeorge A. Everding, 03-28-17  09:59 pm
Rainscreen Cladding Designations Problems with OSHPD - Need Accepta...Wayne Yancey17 03-21-17  01:26 pm
joint sealant typesken hercenberg03-15-17  02:54 pm
Vanilla Box Build Out David J. Wyatt, CDT10 03-15-17  11:26 am
Favorite alternative to standard interior storefront?J. Peter Jordan03-13-17  06:22 pm
Stain resistance treatment attracts dirt?Lisa Goodwin Robbins11 03-13-17  11:05 am
Zahner Inverted RoofDavid J. Wyatt, CDT10 03-07-17  09:40 am
Expanded shale CMUBrian E. Trimble, CD03-03-17  09:27 am
Wall safes?Jerome J. Lazar, RA,02-17-17  01:21 pm
Contractor claims that anodized aluminum can not be welded?ken hercenberg02-17-17  10:27 am
ARCOM New OwnershipLouis Medcalf, FCSI,26 02-09-17  11:30 am
Non-combustible rainscreen drainage matGuest 02-08-17  11:24 am
Can Orange Peel be applied to a Level 2 gypsum board finish?Jerome J. Lazar, RA,02-06-17  02:33 pm
curved glassJohn Hunter01-24-17  12:20 pm
Mirror safety tape vs tempered mirror glassDavid J. Wyatt, CDT10 01-23-17  02:21 pm
Hinged Louversken hercenberg01-20-17  04:35 pm
Carlisle Sure-Flex KEE 50 mil membranePaul Sweet 11 01-18-17  12:27 pm
LINEAR WOOD CEILINGSDave Metzger11 01-13-17  11:12 am
Exterior operable shade specification?Gary Beimers, FCSI, 01-11-17  12:12 pm
EPS TRIM ?Ronald L. Geren, FCS17 01-09-17  01:44 am
Clay Tennis CourtDewayne Dean01-03-17  12:27 pm
Portable rampDave Metzger12-20-16  01:23 pm
AIR BARRIER NEEDEDDave Metzger12 12-19-16  07:23 pm
High Speed Roll-Up Plexiglass DoorsDale Hurttgam, NCARB12-15-16  07:02 pm
Slate roofing detailEllis C. Whitby, PE,12-06-16  02:35 pm
Guesstimate of cost Pair Framesless Glass DoorsGeorge A. Everding, 12-05-16  09:07 pm
Kynar (PVDF) versus Lumiflon FEVEVincent Casmirri 10 11-28-16  08:39 am
How to Specify Shipping Containers?David G. Axt, CCS, C10 11-23-16  01:13 pm
Hollow Metal Frame - 1 inch face widthSteven Bruneel, AIA,11-01-16  12:18 pm
Is Type X Gypsum Board better than Regular Gyp Board?Brian Payne, AIA14 10-25-16  02:49 pm
SSPC Paint 25 and SSPC PS 13.01Dewayne Dean10-25-16  09:43 am
tung oil as a finish for interior metal, including handrailsGuest 10-05-16  08:09 pm
Not familar with Brick Construction...Brian E. Trimble, CD21 10-02-16  09:01 pm
Clear coating on LVT flooring?Michael Chusid, RA F10 09-23-16  01:54 pm
Just found out building is to be FM insured - been showing Type V-AJohn Bunzick, CCS, C10 09-22-16  02:38 pm
SealantsDewayne Dean09-16-16  03:39 pm
Concrete SealersMichael Chusid, RA F09-16-16  02:31 pm
Interior Insulation for concrete deckGuest 09-13-16  06:38 pm
Exterior lockersGuest 09-04-16  07:04 pm
Planar GlazingRobin E. Snyder10 09-04-16  02:27 pm
acoustic foam fill for cmuJohn Bunzick, CCS, C11 09-01-16  12:38 pm
Solid Surfaced Toilet PartitionsW. Dean Walker Emeri10 08-31-16  10:27 am
Soft Touch PaintJohn Hunter08-30-16  01:18 pm
Inexpensive exterior wall finish for loading dock Andy S 27 08-29-16  07:33 am
ACM ANODIC ALUMINUM CLEAR FINISHLee Ann Slattery 16 08-26-16  03:16 pm
Vapor Lock concrete additive productsRuss Hinkle, AIA, CD08-26-16  12:50 pm
Mag BoardMichael Chusid, RA F08-10-16  08:10 pm
Kraft faced mineral wool insulationAn 10 08-02-16  04:34 pm
Parapet DeckMark Gilligan SE, 12 07-21-16  12:55 am
Wojan 4600 SeriesLynn_jolley 07-13-16  10:09 am
replacing balcony soffitsDavid J. Wyatt, CDT40 06-30-16  09:36 am
TAKTLBostonbased 06-28-16  10:43 am
Insulation market share in masonry cavity wallsDewayne Dean10 06-21-16  12:33 pm
Bird nettingGuest 06-21-16  11:50 am
resilient base cornersJ. Peter Jordan06-19-16  11:08 am
Curved Glass and Curved Glass Doors Steven Bruneel, AIA,06-06-16  07:32 pm
Sealer for Precast TreadsMichael Chusid, RA F05-27-16  03:38 pm
Pool Equipment Room DoorsBrett Scarfino 23 05-09-16  12:43 pm
Another Glass? Does Frosted Glass still exist?Louis Medcalf, FCSI,14 05-04-16  12:58 pm
adhering glass to glassRobert E. Woodburn, 14 04-22-16  06:42 pm
Gaco Western LM-60Randall A Chapple, C04-15-16  01:46 pm
Boral TruExterior TrimJeffrey Leemhuis, AI03-30-16  02:33 pm
Grounding a chain link fence?Michael Chusid, RA F03-24-16  11:46 pm
Aluminum louvers for caseworkJohn Bunzick, CCS, C03-22-16  03:35 pm
Light-gauge metal framingJohn Bunzick, CCS, C03-09-16  04:04 pm
NEED HELP -9/16 DECK WITH 1/2 HR UL RATING??Ronald L. Geren, FCS03-09-16  09:49 am
How is Glass Selected?Ellis C. Whitby, PE,14 03-04-16  12:58 pm
Thermochromic GlazingDewayne Dean10 02-25-16  01:37 pm
STUPID QUESTION OF THE DAYJerome J. Lazar, RA,02-25-16  12:45 am
Green Glue?James Sandoz, AIA, C02-15-16  09:48 am
Adhesive for securing Speed Bumps in PGJerome J. Lazar, RA,01-15-16  06:38 pm
Fairview ArchitecturalGuest 01-13-16  01:07 pm
Skim Coat of Plaster or StuccoJerome J. Lazar, RA,01-06-16  07:09 pm
Specification for a fire escapeSteven Bruneel, AIA,01-06-16  12:41 pm
KoolshadeCurt Norton, CSI, CC12-16-15  09:02 am
IAP Enclosure SystemsJohn Hunter12-08-15  12:32 pm
Define WindscreenJerome J. Lazar, RA,12-08-15  10:40 am
SOL-R-Wall Insulation - Radiant BarrierJerome J. Lazar, RA,10 11-30-15  06:55 pm
aluminum link entry matsRobert E. Woodburn, 11-30-15  02:54 pm
CarbonCureScott Biggar 15 11-25-15  10:27 am
Precast concrete vs. cast stone vs. GFRCJ. Peter Jordan10 11-20-15  01:05 pm
Who manufacturers thermal break hollow metal frames?Sharon Newport 11-18-15  02:20 pm
OMNIA WIDESLAB FLOORINGWayne Yancey11-16-15  02:23 pm
Guardian Angel Window GuardsLisa Goodwin Robbins10-29-15  09:08 am
High Performance Egress DoorsRandall A Chapple, C10-14-15  01:33 pm
TNEMEC AEROGEL PRODUCTSGreta Eckhardt25 10-14-15  08:43 am
Epoxy Flooring on Stairsken hercenberg10-07-15  03:03 pm
Perlite Exterior FinishJerome J. Lazar, RA,10-01-15  03:06 pm
Plan Checking - Venting Questionwiliam 11 09-27-15  12:19 am
"exposed" masonryJohn Bunzick, CCS, C09-21-15  02:57 pm
Lockers - PLAM on MR MDF substrate?Robert E. Woodburn, 09-15-15  03:02 pm
Coatings over PVDF coated metal roofMichael Chusid, RA F09-13-15  05:16 pm
Lots of Changes - C.R. Laurence Co., Ronald L. Geren, FCS16 09-08-15  11:12 am
Rustic terrazzo on waterproofing coating on concrete slabGreta Eckhardt13 08-28-15  09:25 am
Murphy BedsJames Sandoz, AIA, C10 08-20-15  01:34 pm
Emseal in roof expansion jointNathan Woods, CSI, C08-07-15  06:13 pm
Green Roof Drainage QuestionColin Gilboy07-17-15  10:25 am
Stainless Steel Clad AluminumJohn Bunzick, CCS, C10 07-15-15  04:06 pm
River RockJohn Bunzick, CCS, C10 07-15-15  04:03 pm
Indoor Pool Design - Air & Vapor Barrier thoughtsBill Coady CSI, CCPR11 07-15-15  11:42 am
Smoke rated sliding transaction windowSteven Bruneel, AIA,07-13-15  08:41 pm
interior vapor retarder colorDavid J. Wyatt, CDT16 07-10-15  01:23 pm
Xypex like product on clay brick tunnelWendy Talarico 07-08-15  11:45 am
SILVA CELLSken hercenberg07-07-15  04:58 pm
Adding Insulation Behind Existing MasonryWayne Yancey13 06-30-15  04:21 pm
Is anyone familiar with BondTAC?James Sandoz, AIA, C13 06-30-15  07:54 am
RPC Rub R WallCurt Norton, CSI, CC06-25-15  03:07 pm
One Spec Section combining Traction & Hydraulic Elevatorsken hercenberg19 06-23-15  03:37 pm
Silicone opacifier in lieu of ceramic fritGreta Eckhardt10 06-15-15  10:56 am
Exterior Glass for RetailBill Coady CSI, CCPR16 06-13-15  06:16 pm
Concrete ToppingMark Gilligan SE, 10 06-11-15  02:09 pm
Rock Salt Concrete SidewalkJustatim14 06-11-15  07:26 am
"Ashlar" Carpet TileLouis Medcalf, FCSI,06-08-15  04:48 pm
How to finish interior drywall ceiling to resist mold?John Regener, AIA, C24 06-06-15  10:59 am
Black finish for lock setsMichael Chusid, RA F05-22-15  08:13 pm
Spacers at Insulating Glass UnitsJohn Hunter10 05-20-15  01:55 pm
Greenhouse package manufacturerPhil Kabza05-01-15  10:58 am
Stucco & Continuous Insulation System for FloridaJerome J. Lazar, RA,04-27-15  12:33 pm
Epoxy PaintsLynn Javoroski FCSI 04-24-15  01:26 pm
Specifying quality of cut edges of metal plate.Michael Chusid04-23-15  09:01 pm
Shading CoefficentsLynn Javoroski FCSI 04-22-15  12:13 pm
Attic Vent BafflesRonald L. Geren, FCS04-20-15  07:06 pm
Precast Structural Concrete Field Quality ControlMark Gilligan SE, 04-18-15  04:43 am
Specifying ZincG. Wade Bevier, FCSI04-15-15  03:42 pm
Yes, Another Thread on Weathering Steel (CORTEN)Philip Smith 16 04-13-15  11:42 am
Waterproofing or Roofing or does it matter?Alan Mays, AIA04-08-15  06:49 pm
Masonry-veneer anchors with mineral-wool board insulationken hercenberg04-08-15  01:50 pm
Multi-Level Parking UnitsDavid G. Axt, CCS, C04-03-15  01:06 am
Contego IndustriesJerome J. Lazar, RA,04-02-15  01:15 am
Outdoor chalkboard freestanding wall for a school. Huh?Guest 10 04-01-15  11:11 am
Split Face Masonry SealerPhil Kabza12 03-30-15  04:07 pm
looking for Fire Rated 9 ft tall HM Interior door?Ronald L. Geren, FCS03-25-15  11:34 am
Is Cement Board Water Resistant or Waterproof?Dale Roberts CSI, CC13 03-24-15  12:58 pm
custom printed vinyl muralsRobert E. Woodburn, 03-24-15  10:26 am
Resilient flooring over GypcreteGuest 03-10-15  10:14 pm
Repairing Exposed Aggregate Pre-Cast Concrete PanelsRandy Craw 11 03-08-15  12:04 pm
IMPACT RESISTANCEJohn Bunzick, CCS, C17 03-07-15  01:23 pm
battery spill containmentRobert E. Woodburn, 03-02-15  11:07 am
Construction Products available in MexicoJerome J. Lazar, RA,02-27-15  03:25 pm
Mylar roll shadeCurt Norton, CSI, CC02-25-15  08:47 am
Cold Formed Metal Framing - Bidder Design?Wayne Yancey13 02-19-15  02:17 pm
Viro-deck?Robert E. Woodburn, 02-18-15  03:24 pm
Interior control joints in rated metal stud bearing wallsGuest 17 02-17-15  05:43 pm
Stucco Cracks due to Building SettlementMark Gilligan SE, 19 02-16-15  10:24 pm
Wood Flooring for Yoga StudioJerome J. Lazar, RA,02-13-15  10:36 am
Interior Window Washing EquipmentJerome J. Lazar, RA,02-11-15  05:46 pm
Pre-engineered metal buildingsLynn Javoroski FCSI 01-28-15  04:51 pm
Overhead Sectional Doors that can accommodate 1" insulating glass?Richard Gonser AIA C17 01-28-15  04:30 pm
polyjacking spec? Robert E. Woodburn, 01-26-15  02:30 pm
Brick Stain?Brian E. Trimble, CD12 01-20-15  02:26 pm
chemical resistance and sealantsLynn Javoroski FCSI 01-15-15  06:04 pm
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