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Sill-Sealer Gasket w/ Metal StudsWayne Yancey06-12-06  03:40 pm
You There!Don Harris CSI, CCS,29 06-12-06  09:46 am
Submitting entire project manual electronicallyRandall T. Bailey, P37 06-09-06  03:47 pm
HistoryGeorge A. Everding, 15 06-07-06  10:17 am
Extra ItemsRalph Liebing, RA, C06-05-06  06:59 am
ASTM E 580.Ronald J. Ray, RA, C17 06-04-06  10:46 am
Exam Results from 3/25/2006?Helaine K.25 06-01-06  04:26 pm
Specifying for Davis-BaconFrederick L. Jang05-31-06  05:34 pm
silver plateMario J. Ibanez, CSI05-26-06  12:32 pm
Paint failure and LEEDJohn Bunzick, CCS, C18 05-24-06  08:56 am
Through-Wall Flashing For Vertical Metal Wall Panels?Phil Kabza05-23-06  10:10 pm
Product Designations on DrawingsGeorge A. Everding, 05-22-06  10:42 am
Grassed fire lanesDon Newman AIA, CCS,05-19-06  06:24 pm
Parking Garage Concrete Ponding IssueNathan Woods, CCCA05-18-06  04:43 pm
Colors and finishes in specsAnne Whitacre, FCSI 10 05-17-06  12:16 pm
Specifying "Mock-Up" of an entire roomJ. Peter Jordan05-16-06  07:35 pm
Test for air content in StuccoJerome J. Lazar, RA,05-12-06  11:09 am
Safety clauses in Technical sectionsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C05-10-06  12:29 pm
Specifications are not necessary for an award-winning project!Jim Brittell15 05-09-06  02:51 pm
Where do you put your specs?Steven T. Lawrey, AI20 05-03-06  01:47 pm
Ethical DilemmaAnonymous13 05-01-06  04:19 pm
Design Development Specs?Sheldon Wolfe17 04-28-06  04:30 pm
Transmitting and Posting Specifications in Electronic FormatSheldon Wolfe25 04-25-06  10:35 pm
Specifying FabricsJ. Peter Jordan04-25-06  06:40 pm
What would you like to know about building codes?Ronald L. Geren, RA,18 04-24-06  12:07 pm
Delegated DesignNathan Woods, CCCA04-21-06  11:37 am
Gypsum Board Control JointsWayne Yancey15 04-17-06  12:05 pm
Copyrights, Public Domain and Free InformationDavid Axt, AIA, CCS,13 04-14-06  08:15 pm
Door WarrantiesDavid Axt, AIA, CCS,04-14-06  12:52 pm
MetalizingLynn Javoroski CSI C18 04-13-06  03:44 pm
Contractors posting our specifications on their websitesJ. Peter Jordan19 04-12-06  06:59 pm
Rainwater Garden PlantingsDean McCarty, CCS, C04-11-06  04:32 pm
Concrete sealer for existing concrete floorJohn Guill04-10-06  06:04 pm
Impact of Specifications on a ProjectAnonymous17 04-07-06  11:28 pm
SCIP Meeting at 2006 CSI Show & ConventionDean McCarty, CCS, C04-07-06  02:41 pm
Fire resistance rated glass blockAnonymous04-04-06  05:02 pm
Insulating wood framed crawl space floorJohn Bunzick, CCS, C11 04-03-06  11:12 am
Definitions?Ronald L. Geren, RA,03-28-06  11:54 am
OK - by a show of hands who's going to VegasRichard L Matteo, AI57 03-27-06  03:54 pm
Studying for the CCSBrett M. Wilbur CSI,30 03-27-06  09:49 am
Specification dilemma - seeking guidance Ralph Liebing, RA, C69 03-23-06  02:36 pm
On the lighter side...Brett M. Wilbur CSI,03-23-06  02:08 pm
fire alarm spec 283100Michael J. King, FCS03-23-06  11:58 am
Through-Penetration Firestop Systems - Concrete FloorBill McHugh03-12-06  10:56 am
FMG Loss Prevention Data Sheet 1-49-2000: Perimeter Flashing Wayne Yancey03-09-06  10:57 am
A Specification or a StandardDavid J. Wyatt17 03-08-06  03:18 pm
Seismic references in specs (2003 IBC)Ralph Liebing, RA, C03-07-06  03:07 pm
Spec Writer AnalogiesKenneth C. Crocco26 03-06-06  05:05 pm
Master Format 2004 FormatSheldon Wolfe23 03-06-06  09:24 am
Wheelin' and Dealin' - Spec ExchangeDavid R. Combs, CSI,03-03-06  10:44 am
E-Mail BiddingHelaine K.27 03-01-06  01:05 pm
Steel Window Refurbishing section?Dean E. McCarty03-01-06  11:57 am
Well........!Ron Beard CCS27 02-27-06  10:43 pm
Travel to Stone QuarryAnonymous02-21-06  04:32 pm
Plaza ConsultantsRandall A Chapple, A02-20-06  11:26 am
metals corrosion and treated woodDavid J. Wyatt10 02-15-06  11:07 am
Precedence of documents and CanadaKenneth C. Crocco02-10-06  02:45 pm
Stone Paver CleaningKenneth C. Crocco16 02-09-06  12:48 pm
More on PrecedenceGeorge A. Everding, 02-08-06  12:42 pm
Standard for Design/Build Specifications?J. Peter Jordan12 02-07-06  01:10 pm
Shotcrete SpecsDavid Axt, AIA, CCS,02-02-06  05:46 pm
Membership in other trade/ professional organizationsJonathan Miller18 01-26-06  04:56 pm
Using specifications as "scope of work" descriptionRobert Swan01-26-06  03:22 pm
"Bonded" warehouseRobert E. Woodburn01-26-06  10:38 am
Concrete Formwork 03 1110 vs 03 3000John Bunzick, CCS, C01-25-06  03:03 pm
Miami/DadeLeon Ruch, RA, CSI, 01-17-06  12:58 pm
Crawlspaces: Vented or not vented?Ron Beard CCS01-16-06  06:27 pm
Hollow Brick (ASTM C-652)Wayne Yancey01-13-06  05:02 pm
galvanizing embedsWayne Yancey14 01-13-06  04:47 pm
"practical" vs. "practicable"Doug Brinley AIA CSI01-06-06  02:37 pm
Adding Another YearDavid R. Combs, CSI,36 01-06-06  11:13 am
Tape SealantWayne Yancey01-05-06  03:05 pm
Top 10 Uses for 2006 Sweets Catalogs'Lynn Javoroski36 01-05-06  02:17 pm
What Gift?Anonymous41 12-29-05  12:55 pm
OK, Fes' UP!Scott11 12-29-05  12:50 pm
Working on (in) an animal penJo Drummond, FCSI10 12-22-05  04:14 pm
Construction Documents in Moscow RussiaEdward L. Soenke12-22-05  02:58 pm
Exterior drinking fountainsKaren L. Zaterman12-15-05  05:29 pm
The NFRC and the "Specifying Authority"John Bunzick, CCS, C12-14-05  02:24 pm
permanent equipment for temporary heat?J. Peter Jordan12-13-05  12:55 pm
How can I get more pay?Lynn Javoroski20 12-09-05  02:38 pm
Waterproofing?Anonymous11-30-05  01:02 pm
ICBO and ICC-ESRalph Liebing, RA, C11-30-05  07:13 am
Edition DatesMark Gilligan SE, CS25 11-24-05  03:15 pm
Roof sheathing code questionTom Peck14 11-22-05  04:21 pm
Fire Rated Glass DoorsSteve Talanian11-17-05  06:26 pm
Primed steel in concealed construction?David Axt, AIA, CCS,12 11-02-05  04:18 pm
Conformance SetsJim Wahlmeier PE10-31-05  12:48 pm
Specifying smoke damage cleaning and restorationAnne Whitacre, CCS C10-31-05  11:54 am
Construction Experience in Kyrgyzstan?Ronald L. Geren, RA,13 10-31-05  09:33 am
Exterior Stone TileDale Roberts10 10-28-05  01:05 pm
Movement Joints in TileWayne Yancey10-24-05  02:22 pm
15080 Piping Insulation - Phenolic FoamJohn Bunzick, CCS, C10-21-05  10:40 am
Metric ConversionJohn Bunzick, CCS, C10-19-05  04:38 pm
Printing consultant's specs.Nathan Woods, CCCA17 10-18-05  09:51 am
Moisture in Concrete SlabsPhil Kabza10-12-05  04:51 pm
What do you like about your job?David R. Combs, CSI,12 10-12-05  10:21 am
gas connection from serviceRandall L. Cox10-07-05  11:55 am
Specs BookRon Beard CCS28 10-07-05  02:36 am
Specifying AllowancesAnonymous10-04-05  05:24 pm
Moonlighting?Brett M. Wilbur CSI,19 10-03-05  10:10 am
Old standards, what to do?Wayne Yancey09-27-05  03:05 pm
Oops on a spec revisionAnne Whitacre, CCS C10 09-26-05  07:14 pm
Now, they're talking!!William Wagner09-26-05  03:04 pm
Quality of Product Data Submittals - RequirementsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C09-26-05  01:31 pm
Schedule of ValuesJohn Bunzick, CCS, C09-26-05  12:40 pm
Informational SubmittalsNathan Woods, CCCA13 09-26-05  12:06 pm
Corrosion of Fasteners at Pressure Treated/Fire Treated lumberSteven T. Lawrey, AI09-23-05  09:56 pm
Stained Glass RestorationBarb09-20-05  04:38 pm
Change / Modification ProceduresNathan Woods, CCCA12 09-19-05  09:26 pm
Vapor barrier in TennesseePhil Kabza23 09-15-05  04:39 pm
GrammarDoug Brinley AIA CSI14 09-15-05  01:57 pm
How About This?Doug Brinley AIA CSI21 09-12-05  07:24 pm
Negative selling?William C. Pegues, F20 09-09-05  03:31 pm
Demolition QuestionG. Wade Bevier, CSI,09-08-05  02:23 pm
Approved vs. Reviewed vs. No Exception takenRobert W. Johnson12 09-08-05  02:09 pm
01 91 23 Interior Commissioning - "bake out"Richard L Matteo, AI21 09-06-05  02:34 pm
Electronic drawings are NOT contract documents!Julie Root26 09-06-05  02:02 pm
Trends in Drawing/Specification CoordinationDoug Brinley AIA CSI23 08-31-05  02:24 pm
"not approved" termsRonald L. Geren, RA,49 08-25-05  11:10 am
Rave: Adobe Acrobat ProfessionalDavid Axt, AIA, CCS,15 08-22-05  01:44 pm
Assembly vs. SystemTom Heineman RA, FCS55 08-22-05  12:59 pm
Catalog Cuts as part of the SpecificationsDoug Frank FCSI CCS23 08-19-05  12:36 pm
TermitesWayne Yancey15 08-17-05  08:00 pm
Archiving Project E-Mail William C. Pegues, F08-17-05  02:02 pm
Constr Specs Academy -- San Fran 10/12-14Anne Whitacre, CCS C26 08-15-05  02:59 pm
Weather delaysJ. Peter Jordan08-15-05  09:03 am
Glass Floors and Glass Bottom PoolsLynn Javoroski08-12-05  03:02 pm
Using the word "shall" in specificationsRalph Liebing, RA, C60 08-12-05  10:27 am
Kwality ControlBrett M. Wilbur CSI,22 08-04-05  03:15 pm
Helping market the firm.Helaine K. Robinson 43 08-04-05  03:11 pm
AISC CertificationPaul Brosnahan, AIA,08-03-05  11:56 am
Thinking Outside of The Box...J. Peter Jordan20 08-02-05  10:16 am
The professional spec writerRichard Howard, AIA 07-29-05  10:27 am
How Important are LOCDís in the Project ManualSteven T. Lawrey, AI20 07-29-05  08:47 am
"Read the Specs" note on drawings?William Wagner20 07-26-05  10:30 am
The costs of LEED certificationWayne Yancey12 07-25-05  03:56 pm
Definition of "building floor area"Helaine K. Robinson 07-22-05  10:48 am
JELDWEN - POZZI CUSTOM COLLECTIONMelissa J. Aguiar, C07-22-05  08:45 am
The Attack is on - Specifications are no good, they say - oops, we ...Robert E. Woodburn38 07-21-05  07:48 pm
Owner Approved Substitution RequestsRonald L. Geren, RA,35 07-18-05  03:15 pm
Containing RFIsRobert W. Johnson13 07-18-05  12:34 pm
Pros and Cons of roofing typesJoanne Rodriguez, CS12 07-13-05  10:05 am
LEED regional materials requirementWilliam C. Pegues, F10 07-08-05  03:57 pm
National Specifier's ConferenceRichard L Matteo, AI14 07-06-05  11:05 am
STRESSED OUT OVER EXAM RESULTSDavid R. Combs, CSI,37 07-01-05  11:34 am
AWI QCPTracy Van Niel10 07-01-05  09:34 am
Mold abatement in existing buildingTracy Van Niel06-29-05  07:56 am
Acrylic Finish SystemsDave Metzger12 06-24-05  11:44 am
Poll: How long to you spend meeting with reps?Wayne Yancey21 06-23-05  12:42 pm
Pass The Word!J. Peter Jordan06-22-05  11:20 am
Door LabelsAnonymous12 06-20-05  06:44 pm
As-Built DocumentationGeorge A. Everding, 11 06-20-05  05:22 pm
Is it possible for an architect to sue a product rep?J. Peter Jordan17 06-20-05  02:54 pm
Thank You Institute Cert CommitteeHelaine K. Robinson 12 06-17-05  10:16 am
Delegated Design vs. Design-Buildgerard Sanchis12 06-16-05  06:54 pm
4specs Survey on Internet ResearchColin Gilboy06-08-05  06:38 pm
Specified Field Quality Control vs Code Required InspectionsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C06-08-05  08:40 am
ASTM Confusion - even on a Friday!Susan McClendon20 06-02-05  03:23 pm
Mold resulting from construction MoldHelaine K. Robinson 05-31-05  05:53 pm
EPDM Ballast QuestionWilliam C. Pegues, F05-28-05  04:19 pm
I'm seriously thinking of giving up on spec writingTom Heineman RA, FCS25 05-27-05  12:43 pm
Difference between independent SpecWriter and In-House SpecWriterDoug Brinley AIA CSI33 05-26-05  03:24 pm
Blocking in roof systemsRalph Liebing05-26-05  09:20 am
What to keep?Wayne Yancey05-25-05  03:36 pm
Non-Refundable Deposits for Bid DocumentsHarold S. Woolard13 05-19-05  09:35 pm
Your thoughts!Shedrick E. Glass, C23 05-18-05  08:56 pm
'Grind exposed steel welds smooth' Wayne Yancey12 05-18-05  04:52 pm
SafetyJ. Peter Jordan05-17-05  02:25 pm
DUNS NumberJerome J. Lazar, RA,05-17-05  12:10 am
Glazing Historic Steel WidowsRonald L. Geren, RA,05-16-05  05:58 pm
100-year buildingMark Gilligan SE, CS05-15-05  12:30 pm
If there is a conflict within Contract DocumentsJohn Guill18 05-12-05  01:16 am
Reducing Risk by Using Basis of Design ProductsRonald J. Ray, RA, C27 05-11-05  05:24 pm
The Spearin DoctrineJ. Peter Jordan11 05-10-05  11:30 am
Highrise ConstructionJohn Bunzick, CCS, C05-09-05  11:39 am
Up Front Docs. Shell GamePhil Kabza16 05-05-05  09:29 pm
ASTM Standards compilationsRobert E. Woodburn04-29-05  12:53 pm
Evaluating imported products?William C. Pegues, F04-28-05  10:53 pm
01300 changes with/without permission by contractorKim A. Bowman, CSI, 10 04-28-05  05:30 pm
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