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Manual of PracticeRobin E. Snyder12-08-14  10:12 am
Thanksgiving wishesken hercenberg11 12-02-14  05:23 pm
James Gulde , R.I.P.Lynn Javoroski FCSI 12-02-14  12:47 pm
I speak only for myselfLouis Medcalf, FCSI,10 11-18-14  04:51 pm
tegularLouis Medcalf, FCSI,11-18-14  04:46 pm
Words to Live ByEllis C. Whitby, PE,26 11-18-14  01:48 pm
Search for New CSI Executive DirectorColin Gilboy11-14-14  03:54 pm
What is the smartest way to stay in shape while working in an office?Lynn Javoroski FCSI 23 11-11-14  10:03 am
Asana or similar task management platformsVivian Volz, AIA, CS11-10-14  10:20 pm
IntroductionJustatim11-10-14  02:33 pm
IntroductionMarcel Vatasescu11-10-14  02:14 am
Introducing myself!Chris Grimm, CSI, CC10-23-14  01:03 pm
A Specifiers Horoscope for Every DayLynn Javoroski FCSI 10-07-14  05:21 pm
Change to https websiteColin Gilboy10-06-14  10:45 am
GreenBuild 2014Lisa Goodwin Robbins09-22-14  09:54 am
CONSTRUCT 2014George A. Everding, 09-16-14  03:19 pm
Gensler is hiring Spec Writers in DallasLynn Javoroski FCSI 09-02-14  12:57 pm
Will the real Luke Skywalker please come forward?Lynn Javoroski FCSI 08-14-14  10:40 am
GL INSURANCEGuest 20 08-13-14  12:59 pm
English is a crazy languageDavid J. Wyatt, CDT20 08-12-14  09:40 am
Day 1 of Being an Independent Specifier!Chris Grimm, CSI, CC21 07-28-14  12:20 pm
iPhone appsGeorge A. Everding, 07-24-14  04:29 pm
July 11thJohn Bunzick, CCS, C07-12-14  11:26 am
Some days are better than othersEllis C. Whitby, PE,07-08-14  03:58 pm
How old is the youngest full-time specification writer you know?Lynn Javoroski FCSI 07-08-14  03:48 pm
The perfect interview technique?David G. Axt, CCS, C11 07-03-14  05:17 pm
Specifications Writer- Open Position - Flad, Madison, WILynn Javoroski FCSI 34 07-02-14  03:53 pm
NAAB Accreditation Requirementsspiper 30 06-25-14  12:23 pm
Getting paid promptlyJ. Peter Jordan06-07-14  11:33 am
Retired Architect?Lynn Javoroski FCSI 06-06-14  04:31 pm
Please join me in finding a cure for blood cancers!Robin E. Snyder06-03-14  06:36 pm
Taking care of your most important asetJohn Regener, AIA, C17 06-02-14  07:13 pm
DefinitionsH. Michael Hill 06-02-14  03:31 pm
Pay to playJohn Bunzick, CCS, C20 05-18-14  06:17 pm
Practicing law without a license?Mark Gilligan SE, 20 05-16-14  08:32 pm
A Congress member takes a standLynn Javoroski FCSI 04-15-14  12:10 pm
becoming a specifier for building product manufacturerBrian E. Trimble, CD04-11-14  11:35 am
Specifications Writer- Open Positionanon 04-10-14  10:15 am
Fukushimi Nuclear Waste Washes Ashore in Pacific NorthwestMargaret G. Chewning04-10-14  09:47 am
Around the Water CoolerBrian Payne, AIA04-09-14  08:43 am
Union Rate increase, Contract increaseJeff Williams RA04-04-14  01:05 pm
Specification Collaboration Tools and TechnologyGilles Letourneau 29 04-03-14  04:52 pm
CSI Webinars for NonSpecifiersLiz O'Sullivan04-03-14  10:23 am
Tools for CA phase - plangridAlan Mays, AIA04-02-14  07:46 pm
Specification Collaboration Tools and Technology - SurveyMonkeyJohn Bunzick, CCS, C03-29-14  06:26 pm
Ralph W. Liebing's Passingken hercenberg23 03-12-14  01:51 pm
TRADE JURISDITIONS FOR BIDDINGSheldon Wolfe13 03-10-14  03:24 pm
Unwanted Degree #1 - ArchitectureNathan Woods, CSI, C58 03-07-14  05:31 pm
Bob Simmons' wife passesDavid G. Axt, CCS, C03-03-14  01:10 pm
Specification Writers & Internet Data MiningJohn McGrann11 02-28-14  08:04 am
SpecLink-e Users / ConsultantsTom Gilmore, AIA, CC02-27-14  07:47 pm
CSI Trade ShowsHelaine K. Robinson 02-27-14  03:51 pm
How do you market your services?J. Peter Jordan02-26-14  07:56 am
VA specsSheldon Wolfe02-25-14  07:49 pm
Flow chart of the Specification processColin Gilboy37 02-19-14  11:56 am
Online Education - live webinar or archived courseAlan Mays, AIA02-13-14  01:42 pm
New SpArc Summitken hercenberg30 02-13-14  12:11 pm
Specifications writing position in Southern CaliforniaDavid G. Axt, CCS, C01-30-14  03:48 pm
New WA State Bill: Stock plans for schools!ken hercenberg12 01-27-14  12:04 pm
Help for a friend - do you know anything aboutken hercenberg01-24-14  04:38 pm
The value of CSS?Scott McIntosh-Mize01-20-14  09:07 am
FM "Engineering Judgements"?John McGrann01-16-14  10:18 am
Cost and error reductions when using Certified PersonnelGeorge A. Everding, 01-15-14  03:50 pm
Contact info updateChris Grimm, CSI, CC01-14-14  11:51 am
Specifications Writer - Support Staff?Annon 44 12-31-13  02:56 pm
Help with Local Product Reps websiteDavid G. Axt, CCS, C12-20-13  02:26 pm
The After Christmas Party DilemmaEllis C. Whitby, PE,12-17-13  03:03 pm
Job Application DilemmaRichard L Matteo, AI18 12-15-13  07:52 pm
copyright of architectural drawings & specsJ. Peter Jordan11-20-13  04:05 pm
FacebookAlan Mays, AIA11-20-13  12:48 pm
Flood-Proof Storefront or CurtainwallRichard L Matteo, AI10-21-13  04:19 pm
Preliminary Book ReviewRonald L. Geren, AIA10-08-13  03:42 pm
limericks are needed in specificationsLynn Javoroski FCSI 12 10-08-13  03:26 pm
A Word A Day - Wordsmith.orgLynn Javoroski FCSI 09-19-13  09:30 am
Construct/CSI NashvilleRalph Liebing, RA, C09-19-13  08:43 am
Introduce myself...David Sisson09-14-13  09:45 am
Learn from your mistakesRobert E. Woodburn28 09-11-13  02:50 pm
BSD SpecLink is hiringSusan McClendon09-10-13  11:51 am
Changes in MasterSpecEdward J Dueppen, RA30 08-14-13  04:06 pm
Affiliated Construction Trades - 501 c 5 organizationLynn Javoroski FCSI 08-07-13  05:13 pm
Sales Training?J. Peter Jordan08-07-13  04:34 pm
COBieJohn Regener, AIA, C07-30-13  02:32 pm
Starting a career as a spec writer?Don Harris CSI, CCS,14 07-17-13  12:48 pm
Speaker phonesRichard L Matteo, AI24 07-12-13  12:27 pm
Job inquiry for spec writer - European StandardsRobin E. Snyder06-11-13  09:00 pm
Hanley Wood - Construct Show, AIA and Greenbuildken hercenberg17 06-10-13  02:58 pm
Personal airplanesSteven Bruneel, AIA,14 06-06-13  03:22 pm
Off-beat QuestionRalph Liebing, RA, C04-29-13  01:06 pm
Company websitessteve scharr 32 04-24-13  04:27 pm
BostonRichard L Matteo, AI04-23-13  02:23 pm
My new local product rep website!Chris Grimm, CSI, CC21 04-18-13  11:25 pm
Manufacturer's names for their PDFsJohn Regener, AIA, C04-17-13  03:05 pm
Dog Brag!Tracy Van Niel, FCSI04-16-13  02:16 pm
Chechnya high rise fireEllis C. Whitby, PE,04-09-13  07:18 am
Full-Time Specifier Position - Madison WIColin Gilboy04-05-13  10:07 am
Ideas for Teaching CDT in Architecture SchoolsPaul Baggett 12 03-06-13  03:56 pm
Manufacturer's web sites that should have been edited betterDave Metzger02-25-13  09:29 pm
CSI's Master Specifier's RetreatAnne Whitacre, FCSI 13 02-19-13  12:38 pm
a little help pleaseJ. Peter Jordan10 01-04-13  04:44 pm
if you're a product rep, don't do this...ken hercenberg12-27-12  11:50 am
The most beautiful seatbelt advocacy commercial everAnne Whitacre, FCSI 12-21-12  05:10 pm
Fun Facts about the Profession of ArchitectureLynn Javoroski FCSI 12-21-12  04:34 pm
Do you all know that you're quoted here?Lynn Javoroski FCSI 50 12-13-12  09:48 am
Class Action Hits Home SPF InsulationJohn Bunzick, CCS, C12-06-12  11:04 am
Looking for west coast specifications consultantLynn Javoroski FCSI 11-27-12  03:22 pm
BinderFormat ken hercenberg11 11-13-12  11:31 am
Has ICC ruined the original goal?John Bunzick, CCS, C11-06-12  05:31 pm
Disaster PreparednessJohn Bunzick, CCS, C20 11-06-12  05:19 pm
Good Luck to all Northeastern Specwriters, et alJerome J. Lazar, RA,10-29-12  04:00 pm
Having left The Firm...Karen L. Zaterman, C10-23-12  05:48 pm
New Positionken hercenberg19 10-22-12  12:35 pm
Flying buttressesJoseph Berchenko 10-11-12  08:27 pm
Made in America - ?Ron Beard CCS09-23-12  01:56 am
Spec Writer's Website of Horror Hall of FamePhil Kabza09-13-12  05:42 pm
Hurricanes and Acts of God (not Obama)Jerome J. Lazar, RA,39 08-29-12  06:10 pm
Alternative careers for specifiers?Anonymous 23 08-23-12  12:23 am
Worker Survives Brain Skewer by BarRichard L Matteo, AI08-22-12  04:06 pm
Architects and Their Feesken hercenberg07-26-12  02:46 pm
Cold CallsBill Coady CSI, CCPR13 07-17-12  09:11 pm
before I take the bait...Sheldon Wolfe13 06-25-12  10:47 am
English?John Regener, AIA, C24 06-15-12  01:41 pm
LA firefighter deathJohn Bunzick, CCS, C17 06-11-12  11:47 am
My new carDave Metzger25 05-26-12  09:58 am
Managing contacts?Chris Grimm, CSI, CC33 05-11-12  03:39 am
Need a photograph of a Fellowship MedalTracy Van Niel, FCSI05-01-12  09:34 am
"All blame, no fame"Annon 52 04-16-12  04:52 pm
I've been using my Kindle Fire...Nathan Woods, CSI, C03-20-12  04:23 pm
ZINC WHISKERSJohn Bunzick, CCS, C03-08-12  04:33 pm
Lunch and Learns drying upJohn McGrann03-05-12  08:45 am
Architects - Take Back the Reigns!Liz O'Sullivan12 02-23-12  12:48 pm
specifiers get a plugLynn Javoroski FCSI 01-24-12  01:00 pm
Front end QuestionsDavid Axt, AIA, CCS,01-20-12  04:37 pm
Recycling CatalogsSteven Bruneel, AIA,01-20-12  11:42 am
UFGS SpecificationsRon Beard CCS01-17-12  03:21 pm
Designers Code Academy: Building Code Application during DesignRonald L. Geren, AIA01-07-12  01:42 pm
BIM Design WorkChris Grimm, CSI, CC01-06-12  11:02 am
Happy New YearJ. Peter Jordan 27 01-05-12  03:30 pm
Value-Engineering - Contractor's Predesign Fee Value-Engineered Out...Liz O'Sullivan10 12-03-11  05:29 pm
Favorite Designer Requestsken hercenberg38 12-02-11  11:54 am
Time to be thankfulLynn Javoroski FCSI 12 12-02-11  11:33 am
Websites and/or "Cloud" StorageSheldon Wolfe11-29-11  04:47 pm
venting about architects' ignorance of building codesJohn Bunzick, CCS, C19 11-28-11  12:08 pm
Possibly time to start lookingJohn Bunzick, CCS, C14 11-18-11  10:36 am
How do you limit your time with reps?John Bunzick, CCS, C11-18-11  10:32 am
Thought for todayEllis C. Whitby, PE,11-17-11  02:59 pm
Anyone looking for work in the Midwest?David Axt, AIA, CCS,11-10-11  01:11 pm
The Construction Market LandscapeColin Gilboy11-07-11  05:53 pm
Funny drawing notes revisitedken hercenberg13 10-25-11  05:10 pm
Binder Tabs - When they are gone they are gone!Jerome J. Lazar, RA,10-12-11  06:33 pm
Designers Code Academy: Building Code Application during DesingRonald L. Geren, AIA09-27-11  02:31 am
so, would you trust these sections?Lynn Javoroski CSI C07-13-11  03:01 pm
New TCA Handbook for 2011Anne Whitacre, FCSI 06-17-11  11:26 am
Problems on previous project. 18 05-28-11  10:05 pm
Floor Flatness and Levelness per ASTM E 1155Lynn Javoroski CSI C05-17-11  02:32 pm
Architects make top ten list againAnne Whitacre, FCSI 05-12-11  12:35 am
Paint for Medium Density FireproofingJim Sliff16 04-04-11  09:04 pm
Seeking EmploymentAnne Whitacre, FCSI 04-04-11  05:59 pm
Precast concrete splash blocks - Specified Where?Ron Beard CCS03-30-11  03:25 pm
The Great RecessionJim Sliff24 03-20-11  01:27 am
ARCOM Acquires SPECTEXT Master Specification System David Stutzman03-18-11  08:58 pm
AWI Guide to Wood SpeciesSteve Taylor03-15-11  06:47 pm
Any wine makers out there?Andy 14 02-15-11  06:12 pm
Career Course ChangeRichard L Matteo, AI13 02-13-11  03:12 pm
A Sad Passing...Justatim02-07-11  07:49 am
Honor for Gregg BorcheltPeggy White 02-04-11  04:43 pm
logical, or not?E Jones01-28-11  09:12 am
new favorite typosDoug Frank FCSI, CCS17 01-13-11  10:04 am
Job opportunity - Specifier, Madison, WI G. Wade Bevier, CCS,01-04-11  07:03 pm
Happy 2011 - Economic ForecastLynn Javoroski CSI C01-03-11  12:39 pm
Unusual Standard Units of MeasurementEllis C. Whitby, AIA16 01-03-11  09:13 am
CSI Acquires BSDScott Mize65 12-13-10  09:41 am
SEASON'S GREETINGSJustatim12-13-10  08:02 am
ImplosionRuss Hinkle, AIA, CD11 12-09-10  03:56 pm
Job Posting - Sales Rep - Los AngelesJill Knepper 12-06-10  06:53 pm
We work with them?!Paul Gerber12 12-06-10  03:15 pm
What ARCOM doesn't tell you ...John Bunzick, CCS, C11-23-10  11:30 am
The Role of Specifications Writers in Automated Spec ProgramsGeorge A. Everding, 41 11-19-10  03:24 pm
So You Want To Be An ArchitectRichard Gonser AIA C11-17-10  05:24 pm
Professional courtesyAnne Whitacre, FCSI 12 11-09-10  02:45 pm
Favorite QuotesAnne Whitacre, FCSI 42 11-07-10  02:51 pm
PDF SoftwareNathan Woods, CCCA, 11-01-10  12:44 pm
Who Said This?Robert W. Johnson10-18-10  03:51 pm
Forum Privacy ChangesAlan Mays, AIA10-15-10  04:38 pm
To my CSI & SCIP family and colleaguesRick Stow 10-11-10  10:36 am
MSWord on MacsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C10-01-10  02:44 pm
User Names and PasswordsColin Gilboy10-01-10  12:13 pm
New Word for the DayGeorge A. Everding, 14 10-01-10  12:12 pm
Ahhh... this makes me crazy! 11 09-23-10  10:39 pm
New Generation SpecsJohn Regener, AIA, C09-15-10  09:33 am
Words for the wiseLynn Javoroski CSI C09-14-10  12:52 pm
4specs - Opening Links in Tabs, not New WindowsJohn Bunzick, CCS, C09-01-10  08:35 am
Those letters after the name - Which ones mean the most to you?Russ Hinkle, AIA, CD53 08-19-10  11:02 am
Using Spec Writers ProperlyRichard Hird 08-11-10  11:11 am
most unusual consultant? 13 08-05-10  04:37 pm
AIA signs on with Hanley WoodRandy Cox11 05-19-10  05:47 pm
Who's For Philly?Ralph Liebing, RA, C17 05-07-10  10:20 am
New PRMRobert W. Johnson04-27-10  10:59 am
White On RiceLynn Javoroski CSI C12 03-26-10  10:21 am
green actionDoug Frank FCSI, CCS03-19-10  08:53 am
Chapter and Region CSI ShowsJoel McKellar, LEED 03-11-10  11:13 am
Construction Specifier MagazinesDave Metzger30 03-03-10  05:55 pm
OK! Who?Ralph Liebing, RA, C01-06-10  10:17 am
Dick Hein passes away.David Axt, AIA, CCS,12-28-09  07:52 pm
Specifiers' WeekVivian Volz, RA, CSI42 12-18-09  05:25 pm
DO YOU SPEAK HEBREW?Lisa Goodwin Robbins12-10-09  11:20 am
Speaking of Government Inefficiency...John Bunzick, CCS, C12 10-26-09  12:23 pm
Fall 2009 CSI ExamsBrett M. Wilbur CSI,10-01-09  03:35 pm
Refinishing Aircraft Hangar FloorLynn Javoroski CSI C09-18-09  03:44 pm
ASTM E 84 - UNDER THE HILL BURTON ACTLisa Goodwin Robbins09-18-09  08:47 am
loyatly programRichard L Matteo, AI15 09-04-09  02:54 pm
Charley Shrive PassingRichard Hird 08-25-09  02:38 pm
GPS on the goJames M. Sandoz, AIA08-25-09  12:23 pm
Password Management?Chris Grimm, CSI, CC18 08-18-09  06:39 pm
Ralph's New BookColin Gilboy08-18-09  09:21 am
SKYLINE CHILIRalph Liebing, RA, C08-12-09  02:40 pm
FOR PETER JORDANJ. Peter Jordan07-28-09  03:57 pm
Wow!!Ralph Liebing, RA, C07-22-09  08:40 am
Potential Job - SpecsIntactPatsy Clark 07-20-09  09:23 am
Who's doing what?John Guill07-15-09  12:58 pm
Research HelpRalph Liebing, RA, C07-14-09  03:35 pm
Ralph W. Liebing NewsletterColin Gilboy07-01-09  01:39 pm
Two Weeks 'Til Indy!Robin E. Snyder11 06-03-09  06:10 pm
Terms and DefinitionsChristopher E. Grimm11 05-14-09  08:09 am
W.R. Grace found not guilty of all 8 counts related to asbestos deathsChristopher E. Grimm05-08-09  02:10 pm
A Real Opportunity!Robert W. Johnson04-11-09  01:24 pm
Image and SignatureJim Brittell02-04-09  07:17 pm
CDT and CCCA study supportColin Gilboy01-30-09  01:03 pm
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